Recopilación de los videos más increíbles de deportes de nieve


Compilation of the most incredible videos of snow sports

Today at The Indian Face we bring you a selection of winter sports videos that will leave you speechless. If you want to see the most amazing lines that are marked, descents and craziness of this year keep reading.

Compilation of the most incredible snow sports videos

1º This impressive first-person video is the work of Candide Thovex, it shows us that sometimes you only need a GoPro and a good idea to get a super video.

2nd From the Suzuki Nine Royals 2017 this amazing video comes to us, "Contest and Event Highlights", a perfect example of the best stunts both on skis and on snowboard.

3rd The amazing GoPro video "Jesper Tjäder´s 9 Lines at 9 Royals", it's hard not to get dizzy with the way you chain the jumps.

4º One of the essentials "This is Skiing", the montage of the entire video is amazing, dozens of skiers jumping simultaneously. It's also in HD so it's a real wonder.

5º All the videos by Meli are amazing but we found this one to be the most amazing, it's called "GoPro SKI EDIT v4.0", and it's great to catch ideas.

6º If you are a fan of speed you cannot miss "Salomon TV: The Art Of The Turn", very fast descents along perfect tracks.

7º And we couldn't miss the incredible "The Art of Flight 3D". It's said to be the most impressive snowboarding documentary of all time, so it's a must-see.