Las mejores rutas para hacer esquí y snowboard freeride en Andorra


The best routes for skiing and snowboarding freeride in Andorra

Totally virgin snow, unexpected obstacles, incredible jumps, dizzying slopes and dense forested areas. If you are passionate about extreme sports and adventure, the Grandvalira and Vallnord ski resorts offer you various areas for skiing freeride in Andorra .

On the occasion of a new edition of the freeride World Tour in Vallnord, which took place a week ago, we encourage you to discover with us the different freeride routes that exist in Andorra. Basically, we recommend three routes for all levels. In addition, you can download the Active Tourism application for smartphones in which you will find all the freeride itineraries with a description and details of the route; a free app that works without an Internet connection, and that is constantly updated.

The three best routes for skiing freeride in Andorra

Pico del Hortell – Beginner Level

This tour is perfect for those just starting out. This is an easy itinerary in Vallnord, in the Arcalís sector.

Starting point: Get on the ski lift at the station up to 2100 meters. From this point, go up through the wooded area until you come to the top of the Hortell peak in a southeasterly direction. In about 40 minutes you will arrive near the top of the Hortell at 2560 meters.

Descent: You can start the descent a few hundred meters below the peak. Go down the same ridge, where you will find a first corridor with a narrow passage in the intermediate part that is quite technical. Further down the ridge you will find the second widest corridor, not so technical and with less slope (about 40 degrees). The two corridors end at the same plain that leads us to the Tristaina river and the Encodina picnic area, where you should plan to have a car to return to the station.

Descent slope: 35-45 degrees.

Tristaina Peak – Advanced Level

The descent of the Tristaina peak is an intermediate level route, which you will also find in the Arcalís area in Vallnord.

Start point: In the parking lot of the Arcalís station, take the La Balma chairlift and go down the track with the same name. Before the crossroads with the Canaleta, go off the track in a northeasterly direction towards the river at an elevation of 2,240 metres, where you will see a small col in the direction of the Tristaina lakes. At this point it goes up to the first lake. Later, the second on your right until you reach the small Tristaina pass and climb up the crest to the peak at 2,879 meters.

Descent: We will find a fairly steep and technical first section, with about 45-50° and a strong exposure for 50m, then we will enter the channel itself, making the slope more gentle (45°) and with less exposure, which will allow wider turns to face the final part with more fluidity.

Slope descent: 45-50 degrees.

Bony d'Envalira – Expert Level

The descent of the Bony d'Envalira, located in the Grandvalira station, is a difficult route with which you must be careful.

Departure point: It is located within the Grandvalira ski area, in the Grau Roig sector. From there, you must go up the Coma Blanca chairlift and then the Coma III chairlift. Once there, go down the blue track where you will find an artificial lake and a little house. Approach the base of the canals and go up with crampons and an ice ax through either of the two canals.

Descent: The descent can be done by two runners. We recommend the second, as it is more direct and prettier. The entrance is more comfortable since it does not present rock obstacles. The exit of both channels returns to the same blue track that will take you back to Grau Roig.

Slope descent: 45-50 degrees.