Los 10 mejores vídeos de Pura Adrenalina


The 10 best videos of Pure Adrenaline

If you still have doubts about what adrenaline is, be sure to watch these videos, not suitable for people with vertigo, high blood pressure, calculators or who like to have their feet on the ground:
1. Felix Baumgartner's jump:
2. More dizzying jumps like Cliff Jump and Matthias Giraud:
3. I BASE jump from a previously climbed rock and fly in a Windfly suit. Awesome!!
4. Windsurfing in the middle of a hurricane storm
5. A Dirty Jump session on BMX
6. Fred Syversen snowboarding 107 meter high jump

7. We already put it in our posts about Speed ​​Riding a few weeks ago, but this video had to be on this compilation.Speed ​​Riding Flying over an avalanche. What madness!!!
8. Swim with sharks like Roberta Mancino:
9. Descent through this Bike Rampage

10. Life in Africa Among Wild Animals by Kevin Richardson:
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