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White cap

The ideal accessory for summer adventure sports

A white cap might seem like a very simple item at first glance. But the truth is that it is one of the most ideal accessories to wear in summer and even more if you go out to practice the adventure sport of your choice.

It will always be the best thing when we leave home on our next adventure that we take the necessary items to be comfortable and have a good time. We don't always think that caps are something we should overthink, but the truth is that wearing a white cap can make all the difference.

Why is it useful to wear a white cap?

Here we explain it to you!

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White caps are mainly beneficial precisely because of the white color. White is a color that hardly gets hot with the sun's rays because it is a color that does not absorb heat.

This is what science says: the color white repels heat while black absorbs it. Therefore, the most ideal thing is to wear white cap, partially white, or one of light colors such as light gray (which tends to white) in hot weather and sunny days to prevent the scalp from heating up too much and we have a hard time.

In addition, the cap is, in itself, an incredibly useful accessory to wear not only during the summer, but during the rest of the year as well. They will help us protect our face and eyesight from ultraviolet rays, and help us control light so that it falls directly into our eyes.

Gorra blanca


The white cap is not only an incredibly useful accessory. It is also extremely combinable. You will have already heard it, the color white goes with everything! And white caps are no exception.

An excellent option is to wear white cap and combine it with white shoes. Visually , this will generate an excellent contrast from head to toe.In addition, white is a very elegant and very sober color, if you combine it with a sporty or even formal outfit with your favorite colors there will be no way to look bad, everything Otherwise, you'll look great!

We also recommend wearing a white cap with some color details. Wearing a cap that is partially white will also look great. In addition, many partially white caps will serve the purpose of repelling heat and will allow you to show off some detail or pattern on them that goes with your personality. It can be something related to your lifestyle, the sport you practice, or whatever you want... you'll see that it will be a cap that will accompany you on the best adventures!

Let there be no doubt that wearing a white cap or partially white cap looks amazing and you will also feel very comfortable, protected and fashionable. And you, how do you combine your white cap?

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