10 cosas sobre Ariana Grande que deberías saber


10 Things About Ariana Grande You Should Know

Ariana Grande is the clear example of versatility, talent, determination and perseverance. The American singer, songwriter, actress, producer and designer is today one of the best-known artists in the world thanks to her excellence in the professional field. When she was 13 years old, the young artist became part of great Broadway plays.

Several years later she continued her career as an actress for the most famous teen television channel of the time: Nickelodeon. He was with this network for a while until he decided to focus fully on music. It was in the year 2013 when he published his first album and his fame began to increase by leaps and bounds. Now, almost ten years after having released her first musical work, the artist continues to accumulate great successes and has earned the love of thousands of fans who support the singer wherever she goes.

Ariana's fandom can be clearly seen on her social networks, since she has managed to be, together with Selena Gomez, the singer with the largest number of followers on Instagram. Ariana has nothing more and nothing less than 283 thousand followers who consume her content daily.

If you like Ariana Grande's music and want to know some of the most hidden curiosities of her personal and professional career, keep reading to discover them!

1. When and where was Ariana Grande born?

Ariana Grande de niña

    Ariana Grande was born into a wealthy family on June 26, 1993 in Boca Raton (Florida), and despite having grown up in this state, the singer is of Mexican and Italian descent. He studied at the Pine Crest School before moving to New York where he continued his studies at North Broward School. He finally decided to start his career as an artist at the age of 14 when he moved to Los Angeles

    2. Did you know that Gloria Estefan discovered Ariana Grande's talent on a cruise?

      Ariana Grande began fulfilling her desire to be a singer by playing roles in musicals such as Beauty and the Beast and The Wizard of Oz in the early 2000s. It was precisely at this time that the artist went on a cruise vacation with her family and there she launched into singing karaoke in front of a crowd of people, including Gloria Estefan. Not knowing that the Cuban singer was in the audience, Ariana gave her best in that performance without any pretensions. At the end, Gloria Estefan approached the young Ariana to congratulate her on her incredible work and encouraged her to continue fighting for her dreams in the music industry. Curious, right?

      Gloria Estefan y Ariana Grande

      3. Do you know that his brother Frank Grande is a famous American actor, producer and comedian who makes it big on YouTube?

        Frank Grande , the artist's older brother, seems to have also known from a very young age that he wanted to spend his life in front of the spotlights and cameras. The young man studied dance, theater and biology at Muhlenberg University, Pennsylvania. Shortly after, he rose to fame when he became part of the musical cast of Broadway plays, including Mamma Mia and Hamlet.

        In addition to having created her own theater show Living la vida Grande in New York, she also participated in the sixteenth edition of Big Brother for MTV.

        After having gone on stage time and time again, in 2020 he decided to bet on growing his own YouTube channel and creating content on this fun platform. It already has more than 400.000 subscribers and you can find him as FrankieJGrande.

        Frank Grande y Ariana Grande

        4. Who is Joana Grande? The artist's mother, she is the director of one of the most important communications companies in California.

          Ariana Grande's mother was born in New York, but she soon moved to Florida to raise her family. Currently, in addition to accompanying Ariana to every concert and event, she is also the director of the telephone and alarm company Hose-McCann Communications. She is the spitting image of support and dedication to a daughter.


          5. Did Ariana Grande have to dye her hair red?

          The singer went to the casting of the sitcom Victorious, a series directed by Dan Schneider, who also collaborated as an actor for Nickelodeon a few years before, and got one of the leading roles. The young woman gave herself completely to this project with enthusiasm and passion, however, when she did the auditions she was unaware that she would have to dye her brown hair red, since the director of the series believed that this would be one of the main characteristics of his character: Cat Valentine. The series was a complete success for the television network and this made Ariana Grande suddenly become one of the young stars of Nickelodeon. More than 56 episodes were filmed and the series was for three years one of the most viewed on the network.

          6.Did you know that Ariana Grande was invited by Barack and Michelle Obama to sing at the White House?

          Ariana Grande White House Obama

            In 2014, the White House organized the concert Woman of Soul: In Performance at the White House, in order to assess the work of the most representative female artists on the American music scene in recent years. years. It was quite a social and musical event in which Ariana Grande once again earned the love and respect of her fans by masterfully interpreting the song I have nothing by Whitney Houston.

            7. On his second album he was going to collaborate with Chris Brown, who finally couldn't do it due to problems with the law

              Following the success of Ariana Grande's first album, fans were eager to hear the young artist's next work. When he released his second album under the name My everything. In this album it was planned that the American rapper Chris Brown collaborate with Ariana in a song called Dont be gone too long, but finally the project was canceled due to the problems that the latter had with the justice for violence domestic.

              8. Ariana Grande was giving a concert in Manchester when a terrorist attack resulted in the loss of 23 lives

                It was in 2017 when Ariana Grande gave a concert at the Manchester Arena that was forcibly interrupted by a terrorist attack caused by the Islamic State. More than 120 people were injured in the explosion and 23 lost their lives on the spot. Ariana has declared on several occasions that she continues to heal the wound of this fateful event, which unfortunately, she had to witness live and direct.

                In this terrible misfortune, Ariana's mother played a heroine role by leading and guiding a group of 10 young people backstage. Joana Grande, who was sitting in the front row, did not lose her nerve and acted calmly in a moment of chaos and tension.

                Other public figures who supported Ariana were Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato with the hashtag #PrayForManchester that revolutionized the social network Twitter.

                9. Ariana Grande voiced the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast along with John Legend

                John Legend y Ariana Grande

                  After having participated in the children's play in the musical when Ariana was a child, years later and having more than demonstrated her talent, Disney wanted her to record the soundtrack for the remastered film of Beauty and the Beast. She did not do it alone, she did it with the singer John Legend, and together they managed to reach position 87 on the Billboard Hot 100.

                  10. The singer has been the image of one of the most famous makeup brands in the world: Mac Cosmetics.

                    In addition to her great role in the music and interpretation industry, the artist has proven to be multifaceted, becoming the image of advertising campaigns for world-renowned brands.

                    ARIANA GRANDE FLOWERS

                    In the case of Mac Cosmetics, the brand opted for the American singer to launch a collection of Viva Glam lipsticks, the profits of which went entirely to the Mac Aids Fund, a non-profit organization that offers to children without resources from all over the world the possibility of accessing a decent education.

                    As for Ariana Grande's own style, her looks are dominated by high-heeled boots with oversized sweatshirts and her long hair, almost always in a ponytail. These elements make Ariana have created an authentic character that is acclaimed by her fans. However, this casual roll contrasts with the great suits with which he has dazzled on several red carpets.

                    The singer has more than 120 awards and 12 Grammy nominations, of which she won in 2019 for best pop vocal album with Sweetener and in 2021 for best duet performance with Lady Gaga with the song by Rain on Me.

                    Ariana Grande is proof that opportunities arise where you least expect them. It's been an up-and-down career for Ariana Grande, but her talent remains unimpeachable.