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10 things about Carlos Sainz Jr. that you should know

Carlos Sainz Jr., from Madrid and born in 1994, is a Spanish Formula 1 rider who, after spending years competing in lower categories, made his debut in the famous tournament in 2015 at just 19 years old. From a father who is also famous and a car racer, Carlos Sainz Jr. he inherited a taste for this world and without a doubt this has earned him the ability to learn from one of the best since he was very young, carving out a path full of successes. If you want to know more about one of the most prominent figures in Formula 1, keep reading because we leave you with a list of the 10 things about Carlos Sainz Jr. what you should know

1. Did you know that Fernando Alonso predicted the success of Carlos Sainz Jr.?

Fernando Alonso y Carlos Sainz Jr.

    In an interview conducted by El Diario AS with Fernando Alonso, the experienced runner said that Carlos Sainz Jr. would be the next Spanish world champion. At that time, Sainz was still competing in the lower categories of this sport.

    2. Fernando Alonso has always been his example to follow

    It seems that the admiration is mutual, and it is that if Fernando Alonso predicted the success of Carlos Sainz Jr.For his part, the less experienced pilot has always had Alonso as one of his top references. As he has told in different interviews, when Sainz was 10 years old, he met his favorite driver who at that time was fighting to become world champion. Seeing his talent and success, Sainz told his father: “Dad, I want to be like Fernando Alonso.”

    Carlos Sainz Jr. y Fernando Alonso

    3. Did you know that Carlos Sainz 'El matador' is his father?

    Like father, like son! And it is that Carlos Sainz Sr. He is the father of Carlos Sainz Jr. Therefore, it is not surprising that Sainz Jr. has managed to reap so many victories having the best example of success in his own home. Carlos Sainz Mr. He is considered the best Spanish rally driver of all time, and among his many victories it can be highlighted that he has been a two-time world champion competing for the Toyota team.

    4. When did your love for cars start?

    Carlos Sainz Jr. Karts

    Despite the fact that he is now undoubtedly one of the most famous Formula 1 racers in Spain, the truth is that Sainz began his taste for cars in karts . In fact, the racer won several tournaments including the 2008 KF3 Asia-Pacific and the 2009 Monaco Junior Kart Cup. However, the world of karts is over for Sainz Jr. when his father went to see him compete for the first time, and after suffering an accident he decided that this stage was over for his son.

    The story of why he competes with the number 55 is because as a child his favorite number was 5 but he already used Sebastián Vettel so he decided to add another five that coincidentally coincided with the shape of the ese at the end of his name and the ese at the beginning of his last name. Both he and his team found it a good marketing strategy.

    5. Did you know that in his first year in Formula 1 he broke records?

    That the pilot was pointing ways was something that was already known, however Carlos Sainz Jr. He managed to surprise the world with his performance during his debut, and it is that he managed to position himself as the first by breaking the record of starting before any other Spanish driver up to that moment. However, the season did not end as he would have liked as he finished 15th after a series of problems with the car that forced him to retire on more than one occasion.

    Carlos Sainz Formula 1

    6.What teams have you belonged to?

    Throughout his career, Sainz has been in different Formula 1 teams. Red Bull, Renault, McLaren and Ferrari have been the teams in which the rider has shown all his worth and improvements year after year.

    The driver's favorite circuits are Macau, Nordschleife and Nurburgring, although he said he would love to come back to Macau

    Carlos Sainz Jr Equipo

    7.He is reserved with his private life.

    he has admitted several times that he doesn't like to share anything about her relationships and personal life in public, and that he prefers her to stay in the background. The privacy and integrity of his family comes before fame.

    Carlos gave his fans the opportunity to ask him anything they wanted to know about him and answered many of them through his YouTube channel. In this video, Sainz opened up to his followers and confessed some of his intimacies. Some of them were the inspiration that his father transmitted to him, he was already the Spanish Squash champion. He also remembers the best times of his life in Formula 1 (2007-2008- and 2012-2013) due to the competitiveness that characterized them.

    8. What are the runner's hobbies?

    During his time off and if he does not have to fulfill his career obligations, Carlos Sainz entertains himself by enjoying other hobbies. As he himself has shown on occasion, the pilot is a fan of other sports such as surfing, boxing and golf.

    Carlos Sainz Jr. Surf

    9. To which Spanish soccer team do you feel devotion?

    The man from Madrid is also a soccer fan and how could it be otherwise, Real Madrid is his favorite team. In addition, Sergio Ramos is one of the athletes for whom he feels the most admiration.In addition, he also admits his admiration for Luka Modric and Thibault Courtois.

    Another of his idols is Leonardo Di Caprio who is his favorite actor specifically in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

    10. When he doesn't have a career, he likes to enjoy Sundays in style

    When the pilot does not have to play any tournament or race, he likes to be able to enjoy Sundays in the company of his family. His perfect plan? Go for an early run, eat with the whole family – perhaps hamburgers, your favorite food-, play golf in the afternoon and end the day watching a movie.

    Carlos Sainz Jr. He is one of the most successful athletes on the Spanish scene, eager to resemble Fernando Alonso and of course his own father, he does not stop fighting and battling the competitions season after season, managing to leave a growing memory of him. . His family is his greatest support and although his fame precedes him, he is still a normal boy who wants to succeed in the sport he likes and enjoy it with his closest circle. Competitive, passionate about motorsports, familiar, discreet and cheerful are the adjectives that can best describe the driver who never stops adding victories and writing his name in the record books.

    Carlos Sainz en Pista

    Carlos Sainz Grande Premio Do Brasil