10 cosas sobre Danny León: El rey del skate español.


10 things about Danny León: The king of Spanish skateboarding.

Danny León is a Spanish athlete of the modality of skateboarding who stands out for being not only one of the best in Spain, but also one of the skaters most prominent on the international scene. Thanks to him, the world of skateboarding in Spain has gained an importance that it lacked before. If you are a fan of this dynamic and entertaining sport, keep reading because we will tell you 10 curious facts that you would like to know about Danny León, one of the most recognized skaters.

1. When and where was Danny León born?

    Danny León was born on December 1, 1994 in Móstoles, Madrid.

    2. At what age did Danny León start practicing this sport?

      At the age of 9, Danny León watched every afternoon through the window the construction of a new facility right in front of his house. As the athlete himself has once recounted, he thought it would be a new pool, but was surprised when he discovered that it was actually a skatepark. At first, León spent his afternoons watching through the window how other children practiced this sport, until one day he decided to go downstairs and observe them up close. Soon after, he began to practice with the board that other boys lent him before asking his parents for his first board.

      Danny Leon

      3. Did you know that when he was 14 years old, sponsors were already contacting Danny León?

        In Danny's own words, at the age of 14 and seeing that he had achieved many more things than other people who had spent years in this sport, he realized that he could dedicate himself professionally to skateboarding and live on it At this young age, some of the most important companies in the sector contacted the skater to finance his trips. However, it wasn't until he was 18 years old, when Danny León was really able to earn a living thanks to his passion for skating.

        4. Do you know what was the difficult trick that Danny León managed to do and with which he managed to become the first Spaniard to do it?

          In 2017 and at the inauguration of a new skatepark in Madrid, this famous skater managed to do the famous McTwist trick, becoming the first Spaniard to do so. However, this isn't the first trick he's managed to perform, as with the Backflip the same thing happened. The skater also boasts of having tried and managed to do other tricks in iconic places on the planet such as the Kickflip that he performed in front of the Eiffel Tower!

          Danny León

          5. What inspires Danny León to carry out his new movements?

            The skater has recounted in different interviews that whenever he wants to learn a new trick, he dreams it first and visualizes it to later carry it out in reality. But this does not stop there, and it is that also in his dreams, León invents new tricks, which, despite the fact that they are a mixture of those that already exist, no one has tried before.

            6. Do you know what are some other hobbies of this skater?

              As a good lover of sports, Danny León is fond of other disciplines such as surfing and snow. However, on more than one occasion he has also confessed that he loves to cook and other practices such as photography and recording videos. This skater seeks to unite the world of skating with recording and editing videos and thus show his own style and perspective. In addition, as he has commented, recording videos of these athletes is a job that he could dedicate himself to after his sports career ends.

              Danny León

              7. Did you know that Danny León has his own collection of skateboards?

                Throughout his career, Danny León has managed to position himself not only as one of the best athletes in his field, but also as one of the most commercial, especially in Spanish territory where there are still not so many skate references like in other countries. That's why this skater has had the chance to release different collections of skate decks, which, as expected, don't take long to run out.

                8. What is Danny León's preferred modality?

                ‘Park’ is Danny León's favorite skate modality. It consists of making many transitions on ramps of different heights and radii that are linked together.

                Danny León

                9. What TV shows has Danny León appeared on?

                  Despite being one of the best in his discipline, Danny León may not be as well known to the entire population. However, thanks to the triumphs he has achieved, some media have wanted to count on his presence and interview this athlete. 'El Hormiguero' on more than four occasions, 'La Resistencia' or 'Vodafone Yu' are some of the programs that have been able to speak with León and have managed to learn a little more about the talented skater.

                  10. What are the main drawbacks this athlete faces when he is in Spain?

                  Danny León

                    As he has explained on more than one occasion, Danny León assures that one of the main problems of being a Spanish skater is above all financing. When asked about this issue, the athlete assured that Spain is a very backward country on this issue compared to others such as the United States or Brazil, where they value this type of athlete much more.

                    Danny León

                    Danny León is undoubtedly a pioneer of skateboarding, especially as far as Spain is concerned. Aware of the few facilities that this sport has in our country, the skater does not tire of demanding improvements for skateboarding, which is attracting a greater number of fans every time. Among his many victories, he has managed to do impossible tricks, positioning him as one of the strongest in this very special 'world'.

                    Danny León