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10 Things About Kelly Slater You Probably Didn't Know

Kelly Slater, nicknamed Slater or Slats, is an American surfer widely recognized for lifting the cup 11 times in world championships, from his inception until his retirement. Slater is a benchmark in this world, and any surf fan should know this figure who throughout his professional career has managed to break records, create some new ones and contribute to this sport for subsequent generations. If you are interested in this surf figure, keep reading because here we tell you 10 things you would like to know about Kelly Slater.

1. When and where was Kelly Slater born?

Kelly Slater

    Kelly Slater was born on February 11, 1972 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. This surfer, despite being born in the United States, is of Irish and Syrian descent. In addition, he has two brothers, Stephen and David, who, like him, are known for surfing.

    2. At what age did Kelly Slater start surfing?

      Kelly Slater started surfing when she was just 5 years old, but she did it with a bodyboard with fins, however, she had her first surfboard when she was 8 years old. When he got his first board, he already had some experience since the previous years he was standing up, despite doing it with the bodyboard. According to Slater himself, it was at this early age that he realized that he wanted to dedicate himself to this sport all his life.

      3. Did you know that this surfer was the youngest and the oldest to get a surfing title?

      Kelly Slater

      In 1992, this established surfer managed to get his first victory. At the age of 22, he managed to win his first World Title, establishing a record for that time, and almost 20 years later, Slater once again established another record in the world of surfing, since at the age of 39 he achieved the same title, becoming the person oldest to win this championship.

      4. Do you know which is the famous series in which Slater acted for some time?

      Kelly Slater Bay Watch

        This surfer, in addition to dedicating himself to the sport, also participated in the famous series 'Baywatch' ('Baywatch). 'Jimmy Slade' was the character he played for one season. He could also be seen in other productions such as the series 'H30' in which there was only one chapter or in the feature films 'Divine but dangerous' and 'Absolute Garbage'. In the movie 'Crazy About Surfing', Slater dubbed the voice of a character who practiced this sport.

        5. How many times has this athlete been champion?

        Kelly Slater

          Slater can boast of having been an 11-time world champion. One of the most outstanding milestones for this athlete was his victory of 5 consecutive titles before semi-retiring in 1999. However, in 2003 he decided to compete again and made history again as he was champion in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011.

          6. Did you know that Kevin Slater founded his own music band?

            At the end of the 90s, Slater together with some friends, like fellow surfer Rob Machado, formed a group he called 'The Surfers' . With this band, Slater released his first album in 1998 entitled 'Songs from Pipe', and has toured countries such as Australia where they played in different prominent venues such as the 'Opera House'. Solo, this surfer has also starred in some very important musical moments such as his performance with Eddie Vedder of 'Pearl Jam' at the California Music Festival in 2006.

            Kelly Slater

            7. Did you know he has a video game?

              In the style of Tony Hawk, surfer Kelly Slater also released her own video game in 2001 called: Kelly Slater pro Surfers for xBox and Play Station consoles. However, despite carrying the image of the athlete throughout the game, the quality was low, especially when talking about the main element: Water. The bad graphics of the water made the users not fully satisfied causing the gaming industry to leave it out of the market.

              Kelly Slater Pro Surfers Video Game

              8. In addition to being an athlete, he is also a businessman

                Perhaps his best-known trait is that of a champion surfer, but Kelly Slater also has an entrepreneurial side that has allowed him to innovate and contribute to her sport. In addition to having a line of ecological furniture and a clothing brand, Slater has created a brand of surfboards with which he intends to create an increasingly environmentally conscious material. Nor should we forget its artificial wave pool where many surfers go to practice their maneuvers.

                9. Do you know what Kelly Slater's other hobbies are?

                  When time permits, Slater pursues other hobbies that bring him calm and tranquility. Jiu-jitsu and golf are the hobbies to which this athlete resorts most frequently. He practices martial art thanks to his relationship with the Gracie family, creators of Gracie jiu-jitsu in Brazil, and for his part, golf has always been of great interest to Slater, to the point of playing some tournaments as an amateur.

                  Kelly Slater Jiu Jitsu

                  10. Do you want to know where Slater had his worst fall?

                    Not Australia, not California, not Hawaii. The worst fall on the waves or wipeout of Kelly Slater happened very close to the Spanish coast! In 2015, Slater participated in the 'Quiksilver Pro France' that was held in Capbreton, a French coast near San Sebastián. According to what Slater himself has recounted, the wave was too big, and when he fell backwards he hit his head, but the worst thing was that when he managed to surface, a second wave fell on top of him again.

                    Kelly Slater Kelly SlaterKelly Slater

                    Kelly Slater

                    Kelly Slater has been without a doubt and for a very long time, the most prominent figure in surfing. His new tricks, numerous victories and charisma have made this figure an example to follow for all fans of this sport who one day dream of becoming professionals.