10 cosas sobre Marc Márquez que deberías saber


10 things about Marc Márquez you should know

MotoGP champion and winner of several Motorcycle World Championship titles, Marc Márquez has carved out a victorious path for himself since he began to compete officially and professionally in the 2007. His achievements, but also his charisma, have undoubtedly been the key to becoming one of the most loved and followed Spanish sports stars on the current scene. Wherever he goes he is followed and admired, so if you want to know a little more about this athlete keep reading because here we tell you 10 things you should know about Marc Márquez.

1. Did you know that Marc Márquez's first victory in MotoGP was in his debut season?

Marc Márquez 2013 primera victoria

    2013 was a particularly important season for the athlete because after several years in lower categories, Marc Márquez finally made his debut in MotoGP competition with the Repsol Honda team, raising many expectations among connoisseurs and followers of the sport. The driver ended the season with several titles, among them, worth noting: his victory in his second race at the GP of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Managing to be the youngest driver up to that moment to get this first position.

    2. He has a brother and… He also races in MotoGP!

    Álex Marquez y Marc Marquez

    Álex Márquez is the younger brother of Marc Márquez, and like him, he also carries a passion for motorcycles in his veins. Being three years younger than Marc, for Álex, his brother has always been a reference to follow, for this reason, the fact that at the end of 2019 it was announced that for the 2020 season the youngest of the brothers would run together with the oldest in the same team, it was quite an event to remember.

    Allianz, Alex's sponsor, has contributed to the creation of a documentary about this pilot which will highlight the values ​​he may have inherited from his brother. Such as effort, work, commitment or humility. Especially the latter, since Alex is a two-time motorcycling world champion!

    3.What is Marc Márquez's training routine?

    Entrenamiento cruzado Marc Marquez

      Both when he is recovering from injuries and during his daily routines, the pilot performs cross training in which, in addition to including the gym's weights room, he also goes for a run or trains with the bicycle to work cardio, and of course, many times he does it accompanied by his brother and other teammates.

      4. A pilot with many hobbies Or maybe superstitions?

        Marc Márquez has some obsessions , as he calls them, which he repeats before each competition. One of the most prominent? The color of his underpants , and that is that the driver assures that in each GP, he always wears red underpants on race Sundays and blue for Grand Prix training.

        Another of his customs before starting any competition is to always get on the left side of the bike and get dressed in the same order. However, the motorcyclist assures that he does not believe in the typical superstitions such as coming across a black cat. For Márquez the most important thing is to go out and give it your all on the circuit and work at full throttle with his team.

        5. When did your devotion to the motor world begin?

        Marc Marquez de niño

          In 1997 and at just 4 years old, this talented rider got on a motorcycle and made his first forays into the motor world. However, it is not surprising that Marc took this course, since his father instilled in him the passion from a very young age. Every year, Julià Márquez traveled by motorcycle to Jerez to enjoy the Jerez Grand Prix. We suppose that he must have been very proud when, at only 4 years old, his eldest son asked him for a motorcycle for Christmas.

          6. Enduro was the first thing that came into his life

          Marc Márquez Enduro

            As we have already mentioned, from a very young age, Marc Márquez felt a passion for the world of two wheels, to such an extent that his beginnings in the world were made by the hand of an enduro motorcycle. In fact, 2001 was the year he began to compete with a motorcycle of this type and with which he won the Catalan title at just 8 years old.Marc practices this modality frequently and goes to the Rufea circuit and thus better prepare for the MotoGP competitions.

            7. Has Marc Márquez ever had to follow a special diet?

              As expected of any athlete, Marc Márquez follows a special diet based on carbohydrates, foods rich in protein, vegetables and fruits, accompanied by very good hydration based on water and isotonic drinks, which together with Physical exercise makes him ready to face competitions. However, in 2008 and about to start in a world championship, the pilot had to follow a very specific diet with the aim of gaining weight to reduce the ballast he had to carry.

              8. Why is Marc Márquez associated with an ant?

                If you have ever noticed, Marc Márquez wears the image of an ant on his helmet. The why? As he and his own father have commented, Marc always felt very intimidated at school and on the competition track.

                Marc Marquez Hormiga

                Despite his great talent, he was always very small to the point of raising the concerns of his manager, who at only 15 years old took him to see a doctor to make sure that the athlete's bones they would still grow a little more. "The ant is a small, strong and hard-working animal", as Julià Márquez explained at the time. Therefore, this animal is the point of reference for Marc, who despite the difficulties was always ahead and faced older and physically stronger people.

                9. 'Marc Márquez's smile'

                  There is no one who does not identify Marc Márquez without thinking about his smile. And it is that it is one of his most invaluable attributes, that smile from ear to ear, which makes him one of the most charismatic athletes.

                  10. What has been your most amazing achievement?

                    Marc Márquez has been a motorcycle prodigy since he was very young.When he was 15 years old, this pilot competed in the Spanish Speed ​​Championship, obtaining the first title for his record, a fact that would be reaffirmed months later after achieving his first podium in the World Championship in Donington Park, England.

                    Marc Márquez's thing is to achieve records with the youngest age. In 2010 he got the 125cc title at the age of 17. At just 20 years old, the pilot became the youngest to win the world title. Furthermore, he is the first youngster since Kenny Roberts to win the top flight. In summary, Márquez is the motorcyclist with the most victories in the world before reaching the age of 20.

                    Marc Marquez

                    Therefore, we have no doubt that there are little ants like Márquez who, based on their effort and work, become great athletes, not only for those around them like his brother, but also for everyone MotoGP fans.

                    Seeing the extensive career that Marc Márquez has, he makes it clear to us that there are people who are born to be stars and, without a doubt, he is one of them, raising glances of admiration and pride for all that the pilot has achieved through throughout his career, of which we are sure that there is still much to see.