10 cosas sobre Rosalía que deberías saber


10 things about Rosalía that you should know

Rosalía is an artist who has shone with her own light since she was little. For her, music is a way of creating and transmitting art. In addition, their hits always represent a revolution in the music industry landscape, becoming great hymns to remember. The Catalan composer, in addition to being a musical star, has also starred in films of great relevance in the cinematographic field at the hands of directors such as Pedro Almodóvar. And as if that were not enough, she has produced many of her most successful works herself. It is clear that Rosalía was born to be on stage and transmit with her art everything that she has inside. If you want to know some curiosities about his personal and professional life; keep reading, this post interests you!

1. What year was Rosalía born?

Rosalía de niña

    The Catalan artist who enjoys success as a great Hollywood star was born in 1993, at which time the great protagonists of fame in the musical field were the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. And although Rosalía's musical style is not exactly so pop, the clothes she wears in shows and events do wink at this time.

    2. Did you know that Rosalía's sister became her stylist when she gained popularity?

      Pilar Vila, Rosalía's older sister and whose artistic name is Daikiri, in addition to being related, shares a profession with the star. Pilar, despite having earned a living in many other trades before Rosalía rose to fame, is the person who makes the singer shine with her looks. Both have confessed that the aesthetics of the artist is nothing more than an accumulation of excesses that represent her. And for this, Pilar is in charge of visiting the stores in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to find those rings, chains and platforms that identify her so much. In this way, in addition to working hand in hand with someone she knows perfectly, she also enjoys what is her greatest passion: fashion.

      Daikiri Hermana de Rosalía

      3. Rosalía studied music at the Taller de Músics in Barcelona; she like Alfred García and Salvador Sobral.

      If you like to enjoy creativity and interpretation through music, the Taller de Músics is what you are looking for, and also, it is the cradle of great artists who develop their potential within its walls . Rosalía joined this institution at the age of 10, and later focused on flamenco classes at another school. Alfred García, a Eurovision representative and a participant in Operación Triunfo, also completed his modern music studies at this school. The same was done by Salvador Sobral, a Portuguese composer and singer, who also began his studies at the Taller de Músics.

      4. Did you know that Rosalía participated in the television contest Tú sí que vales?

        In 2008, the Catalan singer entered the Spanish talent contest presented by Christian Gálvez, Tú sí que vales. In it he made his debut with his guitar and a flamenco song in the purest Rosalía style. Unfortunately, this was not enough for the judges of his edition, Àngel Llàcer, Noemí Galera and Javier Sardá, who emphatically told him that he had not shown enough potential to continue in the contest. But what they did not know is that a few years later they would be seeing Rosalía succeed on the most international stages in the world.

        5. Her single Catalina was released in 2016 and was deleted and published some time later.

        Rosalía premios MTV

          Catalina was the first single that the artist released in 2016, a single that allowed us to glimpse the magic that she was hiding behind her eyes, and that without doubt warned of a promising future. What many do not know is that this adaptation by singer Manuel Vallejo was censored shortly after it came to light and it was not until 2017 when it was published again on all digital platforms. The real reasons for this censorship are not yet known.

          6. The video clip for Say my name is inspired by La maja vestida by Goya, did you know?

            The video clip of Di mi nombre, chapter 8 of his album El mal querer, came out in the fall of 2018 and already has more than 70 million views on YouTube. In it we can see Rosalía sitting in an armchair in a room where she performs movements that are reminiscent of exorcism during practically the entire song, and also, of the art of the romantic years. She herself said before the release of the video clip that it somehow represented the aesthetics of Goya's work: La maja vestida.

            Rosalía "Di mi nombre" La maja vestida de Goya

            7. At the age of 7 Rosalía realized that music was her passion when it moved her parents

              In several interviews that she has given in recent years, she has confessed that her interest in music arose naturally. At the age of 7, the artist's father, José Manuel Vila, asked her to sing something when they were at a family reunion. At that very moment, she realized that maybe she could break into the music industry by opening her eyes and seeing her family wiping away tears after hearing her sing. From that moment Rosalía enrolled in numerous musical academies and schools to perfect her technique.

              8. He made his film debut thanks to Pedro Almodóvar, director of Dolor y gloria

                Rosalía has said on several occasions that acting and art, in addition to being closely related to music, have always been two of her great passions. It is for this reason that cinema has caught her attention since she was very young. Thanks to his acting and musical talent, Pedro Almodóvar gave him the opportunity to fulfill this dream by giving him a role in his film Dolor y gloria (2019), starring great actresses and actors such as Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Asier Etxeandia. In the scene in which Rosalía stars, passion for acting is mixed with her musical career, something that Pedro Almodóvar always introduces in his cinematographic works.

                "Dolor y Gloria" , Rosalía.

                9. She was the opening act for the Spanish singer Miguel Poveda in 2015

                  Miguel Poveda, a Spanish flamenco singer, wanted to have the participation of the young Rosalía to debut in her concert at the Cadaqués International Music Festival as her opening act. In addition to having been a great opportunity for the singer when she still didn't have the fame she has now, it was also a great pleasure for her since flamenco and folk music have always flowed through her veins. Miguel Poveda has valued the professional work of the singer, describing it as "new and unique".

                  10. One of Rosalía's great hobbies is horse riding

                  Rosalía hobbies

                    After living in the USThe Catalan singer discovered a taste for horses in the US and began training several times a week. In fact it is one of his favorite hobbies that help him relax and get inspired for new productions.

                    Well, now that you know a little more about the life of this multifaceted artist, surely you have wanted to listen to her music and dance to the sound of her songs. So now you know, if you want to cheer yourself up and give yourself a tribute, put on a random Rosalía playlist and all you want is to party.