Caps are the new fashion accessories and are the order of the day in terms of trends. Every day they are missing from fewer wardrobes and there are more and more models, sizes, materials and shapes in which they are designed. In today's post we tell you the 10 things you need to know to wear your cap and be totally fashionable.

1. What is the best material for a cap?

Today we find innumerable materials and textures that make up the caps that are manufactured, we find everything from wool caps to neoprene caps, however, the most common materials with which caps are usually made are polyester or nylon. This type of material favors the perspiration of the cap and the smell of sweat or the contact of the hair with the fabric of the cap for hours does not remain impregnated in the cap.

In general, regarding the materials to be used to make the fabric and the thread, it is preferable to use polyester. However, it is inevitable that there will be plastic components in the caps, such as the snap to adjust the cap.

2.What type of cap suits you according to the shape of your face?

Hats are definitely accessories that have become completely popular today. We are constantly coming across people who wear this outfit every day on the street. The caps are timeless, and do not understand age or gender. However, the physiognomy and type of face of each person play an important role when choosing what type of cap to choose in order to join this cap fever.

  • Square face: People with a square face are characterized by having the width of the forehead the same size as that of the chin. Enhanced cheekbones and chin. The trucker cap It is the one that best suits and best suits these types of faces, giving them harmony and lightness.
  • Oval face: This is what is supposedly known as the perfect face. People with oval faces do not have prominent dimensions in terms of width or length of their face. All dimensions are discreet and contained. The caps that suit these types of people are visored caps, which enhance the proportion of the face.

3. How to combine/wear a cap? Basic Rules

Cap <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

Although the cap is an accessory that generally combines well with any type of outfit, and nowadays it can be worn both in an informal look and in a more sporty one, it is necessary to know when to wear each one. There are also some unwritten rules to follow the trend of good taste when wearing a cap:

  1. If your style is sporty or skater, you can put the cap on with the visor backwards. Wearing the cap in this way is usually reserved for informal occasions only, but if you interact in a casual environment in your day to day, you will not have any problem.
  2. Try not to wear offensive messages on your cap, it is much better to be funny, witty or basic, than "aggressive".
  3. Do not wear a cap that is not your size, even if the oversize or fitted style is in style. Comfort comes first.
  4. Think about the type of face you have to find out which hat will be the most flattering for you.
  5. Try not to cover your face with the hat.

          4. When to wear your cap?

            The caps can be worn at any time of the year, both in summer and winter, because in the end, the sun rises almost every day and the main function of the cap, even though it is an aesthetic accessory, is to protect us from the sun .

            When you have an event or are going to be in a more formal environment, choose a cap that follows a slightly more elegant line. Although in general caps are not exactly an accessory related to elegance, now we see more and more luxury brands designing these accessories and models wearing them on catwalks.

            5. How should the quality of a cap be?

            Born to Street Ball Cap - <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

              Buying a cap with low benefits and cheapness can serve to cover a momentary need, but if what you want is a cap that lasts a long time and that gives you more presence when you wear it on the street, make sure that the fabrics they are rigid, the seams are well stitched and symmetrical and the front panels are reinforced.

              If you want to buy a good quality, aesthetic and affordable cap, we recommend that you take a look at caps that we offer at The Indian Face, and that are designed taking care of the smallest detail. In addition, we have a wide variety of models and colors that are presented to suit the number of consumer tastes.

              6. How to store your cap?

                Storing your cap correctly is important so that it does not become deformed, does not fade and does not collect dust.

                You can choose to place shelves on the walls of your room so that you can allocate your caps there and keep them spotless.

                On the other hand, there are coat racks where you can hang your caps as a coat or rain hat. A hook placed on the wall can be an ideal idea so that your cap does not lose its shape. You can also allocate drawers in your room to place your caps there.

                You can also store your hats in boxes that you can store in a closet or on the bed couch. If the box has a lid, much better. They can be made of plastic, wood or metal. There are backpacks to store caps, and that can also be useful for transporting them.

                7. What types of caps are there?

                Born to Run Cap - <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

                There are many types of caps today. But to make a first division, we can divide them into those that follow a Dad Cap style, which are small and tight, and secondly, we find baseball caps, which are much wider than the first mentioned. Baseball caps are also known as trucker or trucker caps.

                At The Indian Face, we are mainly committed to designing models of baseball caps, adapting them to all tastes and patterns, but remaining faithful to this style that is two centuries old.

                On the other hand, there are caps of innumerable materials, colors, patterns, with logos, with patches, or simply: basic. It is almost impossible for you not to find one that suits your preferences, because today, you can even design your cap to your complete liking.

                Another fact to take into account among the types of caps that exist is the variety of sizes that are offered. Normally the collections of caps have several sizes and with the option of adjusting at the back.

                8. How to wash a cap?

                  It is important to maintain some hygiene in your cap. It is just as important that you wash your cap without deforming it, without fading it and without wrinkling it.

                  Washing a cap is a relatively simple task. We recommend that you do not put it in the washing machine, it is preferable that you wash it by hand. You will need a basin of warm water, a brush, and stain-removing spray.

                  Place your cap inside the basin and remove the most spectacular stains using the stain remover spray. Then use the brush on the cap to remove the most visible dirt. Put the cap back in the basin to rinse it and remove the detergent and leave it to soak for an hour. Then let it air dry.

                  9. How to transport your cap?

                  Born to Street Ball Cap - <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

                    Transporting your cap correctly will be a determining factor in its conservation. If you are going on a trip or for a certain reason you are going to have to travel with your caps stored, we recommend that you spend some time placing them in such a way that they are perfectly preserved during the journey.

                    When caps become deformed, it is usually mainly because the top of the cap is under pressure for a certain period of time. There are carriers for caps called "cap carrier" designed specifically for such use. They are also called "carrying case".

                    10. How to choose my cap size?

                      Born to Ride Cap- <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

                      The issue of choosing size is also something important. Normally, at the back they usually incorporate an adjustable clasp that allows it to be made more or less wide, but it is still recommended that you find out what specific size you need, since there are other types of caps, the so-called fitted or closed that do not incorporate this self-adjusting system.

                      You can know your exact size by using a measuring tape and surrounding it with the widest areas of your head, which is above the eyebrows, one centimeter above your ears.

                      When you know how many centimeters your head measures, consult the size guide that we are going to give you below, and which is the one followed by all cap brands in general terms:

                      – Size S: 55cm.

                      – Size M: 57cm.

                      – Size L: 59 cm.

                      – Size XL: 61 cm.

                      – Size XXL or: 63 cm.

                      – One size: 57 cm.

                      Now you know what is necessary and essential to choose which cap to wear, when to do it and how to maintain them. So, what are you waiting for to choose yours?