4 gafas de sol para mujer 2022 que no te querrás perder


The 4 sunglasses for women that are sweeping in 2022

In life, as in our closets, there is a list of essentials. Those who when you least expect it save you on more than one occasion to make everything a little lighter: That jean, those white sneakers, that basic top and of course, and not least, our sunglasses.

In our article today we want to tell you some details about four of our best collections of sunglasses for women that we have at The Indian Face for you. Southern California reflected in modern, avant-garde, fresh and very stylish models. 'Soma', 'Lombard', 'Laguna' and 'Southcal' are the names of these four collections, which were inspired by unique places that make up the Californian coast. In addition, we have discovered that there is not an influencer who does not use these models that we have brought you, so you can be inspired by one of the looks that they wear when using this style of glasses.

Cool Sunglasses: Southcal Green

Gafas de Sol para mujer color verde con montura rectangular marca Hanukeii: Southcal Green

Dare to break with the established, that is what this model of sunglasses transmits to us. There are those who are afraid of putting a little color in their eyes, since we have been taught that the variations in color tones go from black to gray, but rarely what is in between. And the truth is that there are thousands of options and free styles that break with the paradigm to give your look a 360º turn.

Ours 'Southcal Green' they are green sunglasses , that are designed to elevate any outfit and make it clear that avant-garde and freshness are the order of the day. With a bottle green frame and polarized lenses make this model one of the most desirable. The geometry of these glasses highlights a classic square style, which makes you get glasses for life, since this type of design does not go out of style and also feels very good regardless of the shape of your face and the color of your fur.

Sunglasses with personality: Laguna Bi Magent

Gafas de sol para mujer bicolor, tipo cat-eye, con lentes polarizados, color magenta, marca Hanukeii: Laguna Bi Magenta

If the purpose of the day is to attract attention and not go unnoticed, we are talking about sunglasses: 'Laguna Bi Magenta'. These women's two-tone frame sunglasses were inspired by Laguna Beach, California. Each time they become a must for many of our outfits, in addition to their design, they turn a basic look that could go unnoticed into a outfit with too much personality and even power. The combination of tones, between bone and magenta, contributes a certain style and flirtation to the look, as if it were known that fun is always on a terrace.

And you know what's the best of all? That one of our favorite influencers, Maria Pombo, is a faithful lover of bicolor cat-eye frames. Take a look for inspiration on how you could combine your 'Laguna Bi magenta' Maria Pombo.

Geometric Sunglasses: Soma Black

Gafas de sol para mujer color negro, geometricas, XXl, blanco y negro, marca Hanukeii Soma Black

Elegance, poise and style. Those are the best adjectives that describe these sunglasses for women. Its frame is light and the lenses are polarized, in addition to that, the width of the frame allows it to protect a larger area of ​​the eyes, which is very important to prevent the appearance of one or another wrinkle. All the influencers have models of XXL glasses with geometric frames in their closet, especially those black sunglasses that remind us a little of the style of Victoria Beckham, and in this case, the influencer Dulceida loves to wear this type of sunglasses, since it harmonizes your face very well and demarcates in advance a unique style.

A touch of warmth to the face:Lombard Tortoise

Gafas de sol para mujer montura carey, geométricas, XXL Lombard Tortoise

The emblematic Lombard Street in San Francisco, leads us to our 'Lombard Tortoise' collection. Like the 'Soma Black', this collection has an XXL geometric frame that takes center stage on our face wherever we go. The special thing about this, besides that they are polarized sunglasses for women, is that the frame, being a tortoiseshell type, gives a relaxed touch to the look, as if we lived in summer all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the trends in Sunglasses for Women?

The type of frame that is being carried and that is setting a trend are the types of black Cat-Eye frame glasses for small faces. And for large faces, XXL sunglasses with geometric frames to further accentuate people's features.

  • What does it mean when glasses have 'Polarized Lenses'?

This means that the lenses of the glasses have a filter that only allows the passage of useful light, inhibiting the passage of reflected light. That is to say, it greatly improves the inconvenience and risks that flashes that come from reflective objects can cause, which allows us to have a complete vision of the panorama, with reliefs and natural colors.

  • What is UV400 protection?

Sunglasses that come with UV400 protection usually means that the lenses have a filter that protects from both UVA and UVB rays, these being the most harmful set of rays that affects the human eye. The nomenclature '400' means, that it protects at a wavelength of 400 nanometers.

  • What is the Cat Eye frame?

The 'Cat-Eye' frame, as its name indicates, is a type of frame that emulates the curvatures of a cat's eye, raising the tail of the lens a little. Glasses styles like the 'Laguna', and the 'Pacific' represent this type of glasses.

  • Which are Maria Pombo's favorite sunglasses?

The favorite model of sunglasses for the influencer are the classic square sunglasses, as well as those with a 'Cat-Eye' frame. They are two types of glasses that stand out very well with your style.

  • What kind of sunglasses does Dulceida wear?

In several publications we can see that the influencer favors large geometric sunglasses models, which harmonize very well with her face, giving her looks a futuristic touch.