Los 5 momentos más ideales para llevar tus gafas de ventisca


The 5 most ideal moments to wear your snow goggles

Protecting your vision very well when doing sports such as skiing and snowboarding will be key to achieving your goals in the snow. Choose the best pair of ski goggles (also called snow goggles) is as necessary as carrying skis or the right snowboard, the right boots and the thermal clothing that best suits you in the low temperatures. Even more if we understand that a large percentage of our skills in snow sports depend on our range and visual agility when maneuvering. And the truth is that only with the best snow goggles will we achieve the vision we need when we go out into action in the snow.

Are you really prepared to overcome the risks of nature? Discover the 5 most crucial moments in which you will surely appreciate wearing the best snow goggles!

Gafas de Ventisca


What is a blizzard?

Storms with very strong winds are known as “blizzards” or “snows.” They are extremely risky situations in the snow since they are loaded with snowy breezes below 0 degrees Celsius at high speed (about 56km per hour), and they limit our visibility to less than a few meters away.

How are the blizzards?

The blizzards can be "low" or "high" depending on their location on the snowy mountain where they occur, but without a doubt they are phenomena that can severely affect the athlete if we are not properly protected to assume them.

Are blizzards dangerous?

The blizzards flow with strong intensity for at least three hours, moving hail, ice, branches and stones in different directions, which greatly limits the visibility of the athlete and can severely injure the head and feet. eyes. This moment is key for all lovers of extreme sports, it will be essential to have the right equipment if we were to cope with a blizzard when we are practicing sports in the snow. To do this, do not hesitate to always have the necessary implements and wear your snow goggles well so as not to compromise your vision in this situation.

Always try to seek refuge, although the recommendation will always be to go back down to the base or at least reduce altitude, and for this it will be essential to wear good snow goggles that sharpen your vision.

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What risk does the sun have at peak hours?

Remember that solar radiation is enhanced when the sun reflects off the snow, and along with this, risks to the skin and eyes increase, especially during peak hours of the day (from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. ) when the harmful effect of ultraviolet rays increases, although in summer, 9 am is also considered a harmful rush hour for the eyes.

At this time and especially at noon, it will be essential to have good snow goggles or ski mask to cope with such excess light and protect your eyes from the sun's rays. Remember that our vision in action should never be compromised, and it is possible that excess light can affect your far and near vision if you do not wear good snow goggles.

Do not forget that, although the peak hours of the day are the most harmful to the health of our skin and our eyes, this does not mean that the rest of the hours are not also dangerous. The sun's radiation is always present, from dawn to dusk, even on cloudy days, because the rays are able to pass through those clouds. I'm sure you'll appreciate having some good snow goggles with you!

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Sports competitions are one of the most crucial moments for every extreme athlete, because most likely he has prepared his whole life for it. This type of adventurer has an almost insatiable thirst for adrenaline, but the competitions are one of the most imposed challenges and they intend to win.

In sports competitions there is no room for doubt, only confidence, skill and drive, and also for the right equipment.

In times of competition you put your all into it, and you must be very well equipped for it. When you snowboard or ski, your concentration must be completely focused on reaching the finish line and maneuvering correctly, so if you have snow goggles on well, the rest will surely come naturally.

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Should I wear blizzard goggles if I'm a beginner?

If you are a beginner and you are getting into snow sports, you are surely at that stage where as soon as you fall you get up again.

When we start in adventure sports and snow sports we are learning all these moves that experts do, we watch competitions, we attend classes and we practice a lot to be ready for action.

It is now that you begin to familiarize yourself with the equipment you need to bring, thermal clothing, boots, board or skis, helmet and your snow goggles. You find the right ones for you and feel one with the sport.

You will see the importance of taking all the equipment you need, especially those snow goggles that will protect your vision and your face while you slide in the snow.

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If you are one of those who has an eye condition such as presbyopia, farsightedness or astigmatism, without a doubt you need snow goggles that allow you to adapt it with a double lens according to your formula so that your visual conditions are the most optimal when you practice skiing or snowboarding.

Are there adjustable snow goggles?

Use adjustable ski masks if they exist and have many advantages. First of all, they guarantee adequate vision and second, they are easy to adapt or add an optical clip with prescription lenses as needed. Remember that it is not advisable to practice any adventure sport with regular glasses; These must be specialized and adapted to your ocular condition.

If you are one of those who suffers from a different condition such as photo sensitivity, it is also necessary that you take with you good blizzard goggles that allow you to graduate and exchange to category of lens that you use in your glasses.

And it is that the snowy areas, the climate and luminosity can vary a lot from one moment to another. If you have magnetic goggles with interchangeable lenses, it will be very easy for you to use the right one at the time you need it. Just imagine being able to disassemble and exchange your snow goggles just for your average in a few seconds!

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How to choose the best ski goggles?

  • Make sure they have UV-400 protection with 99% or 100% protection without exception, or you'll damage your eyesight in the process.
  • Choose by snow goggles with interchangeable magnetic lenses so you can quickly and easily choose the most ideal glass category for each type of weather and light.
  • Your snow goggles should offer you excellent optical clarity, and a spherical vision suitable for identifying different snowy terrains when snowboarding or skiing. This will allow you to have an optimal view of the slopes and reliefs, and also less distortion and excellent peripheral vision.
  • Choose anti-fog blizzard goggles on stormy, blizzard and low visibility days. The double-layer ski goggles with an anti-fog coating are the most recommended, which has an internal ventilation system that will drain the heat from your ski goggles.
  • Opt for light snow goggles with good anti-slip straps so that it fits well on your head and on your helmet.
  • Ensure that your snow goggles are CE approved, and comply with European safety standards.

Gafas de ventisca

Remember that choosing the best glasses is very simple to do! Just keep in mind that it will be your best ally to protect your eyes from snow, weather and light.

Carrying the right equipment when snowboarding and skiing is essential for you to enjoy and quench your thirst for adrenaline to the fullest, and that includes wearing the snowboard goggles that are best for you. Go for it!