5 trucos para guardar tus gafas de sol



It is true that, thanks to the affordable prices of quality glasses that we have within our reach in the market today, we want to have several models to be able to combine them with the different looks that we consider daily and With our different states of mind.

Only in one of our brands, The Indian Face, we offer you up to 19 different models of glasses that, when multiplied by the various different colors of each one, make a total of many options different, that you would like to have, at a unique and fair price to offer a good quality, both in the glasses for the protection of your eyes, as in the materials that support them and decorate your face. The lenses of the The Indian Face glasses are high-definition polarized TAC, with quality 3 protection and UV400 rays and a frame made of polycarbonate that offers maximum lightness. Offering together an unbeatable value for money for the public.

With all the different options that are presented before our eyes in the form of our different models, Alpine, Hookipa , Soul, Ushuaia , Valley, Free Spirit, Frontier , Kahoa, Polar, Arrecife , Freeride, Outbreak, Oxygen edition, Ventura , Southcal , Noosa, Kailani , Nunkui or Rate, it is convenient to get a good storage system for glasses so that they do not fall deteriorate and preserve their optimal skills, in addition to allowing you to have them in view for the best choice in your day to day.

Both for home and for taking them on the street, we present some easy options, so you can do them yourself. And going from less to more difficulty, we will tell you below several ideas to make homemade sunglasses organizers.

For all these tricks you will see that the small hot glue gun used for crafts will be your great ally. If you don't have it, you can use liquid silicone or American appointment.


Materials needed:

  • Wooden hanger or whatever you like.
  • Small hot glue gun.
  • Decorative fabric or trimming ribbon.
  • Scissors.

You can choose one of your most beautiful wooden hangers or even one covered in fabric if you have one, or another type of hanger that you like. To decorate it, glue the edge of the trimming or ribbon strip with a little hot silicone, at the low point of the triangle formed by the hanger, on the part that you do not want it to be seen, and wrap the ribbon around the bar without leave space between it. You can decorate only the bottom part where you will hang the glasses or the entire hanger. Finally, also fix the end with silicone in the same part that you fixed the beginning, which will now be the inner part. This way we will ensure that the endings are not seen. As a result, you will be able to hang all your glasses from the temple and have them all easily in view and the lenses will not be scratched. You can hang it in your closet with your clothes, at one end to find them easily, or even hang it on the wall as a painting.

Percha organización de gafas de sol Indian face

Sunglasses organizer hanger <tc>The Indian Face</tc>


Materials needed:

  • Hard cardboard.
  • 5 mm foam board.
  • Rule.
  • Cutter.
  • Pencil.
  • Small hot glue gun or liquid silicone.

The idea is to empty one of your drawers or half of one of them, depending on the glasses you want to organize and the size of your drawer. In this way, we will measure the space that we want to convert into a sunglasses organizer and we will adjust the cardboard as a base to measure.

Then we take the measurements of the edges of the cardboard again and cut to size the 4 sides that are needed to make the outline and glue them standing up with hot or liquid silicone, since the hot one dries faster. Press for a few seconds until it dries.

To make the dividers, we'll measure and cut the center divider lengthwise and glue it down. We have to pay close attention to how many fit by measuring with the same glasses that we want to place, but normally with 6-7 centimeters between glasses is enough. We will cut the dividers to size in the foam board and glue them again.

We place the entire structure at the base of the drawer and, in this way, we can already distribute the glasses.

Organizador gafas de sol


Materials needed:

  • A painting without a frame, the kind that is seen on canvas, which is normally a printed photo, or a frame from a painting that you no longer use.
  • Satin ribbon in the color of your choice.
  • Dutch tape or hot silicone.
  • Scissors.

The tapes will have to be placed behind the frame or painting, leaving them flat with duct tape or hot silicone, placing the tapes on top to see the necessary length of the same before cutting and measuring what a glasses occupies when hanging it from the pin to be able to put the next tape under it. Once finished, it will look great hanging on the wall, but if it is an unframed canvas you could also rest it on a chest of drawers.

Cuadros para organización de gafas de sol


Materials needed:

  • Containers that you have repeated and that fit the glasses, but you can also get very cheap ones from the bazaar, such as those for butter, since they are usually a good size to place your glasses inside.
  • Hot silicone.
  • A base that you have and like to support the display, such as a candle holder.
  • Decorative strip.

This time it is about being a little more creative and choosing materials that you would like to be seen in your room.

First join the containers together by placing them in line and next to each other, forming a double panel. Placing them upside down, we will see if they all touch from the back and with the hot silicone we will make points so that they join. If they do not touch to save that distance, we will first put the amount of a pea of ​​silicone on each edge to join the distance that they lack to touch and we will let it dry so that it hardens. Then we will add another equal amount on top to join them together. Once all of them are glued together and the silicone is dry, if you want to decorate the outline with a decorative strip, you can do it now.

Later, we will join it as a block to our chosen support also with silicone. Once dry, we would already have a decorated and standing exhibitor to leave resting on a table.

Sunglasses organizer <tc>The Indian Face</tc>


Materials needed:

  • Eva foam.
  • Scissors.
  • Rule.
  • Triangular shaped plastics.
  • Thick thread or wool.
  • Wool needle.
  • Sail.
  • Brooch or flat shape that we like to decorate by marking the eva rubber.

With a 40 cm long x 12 cm wide strip of eva rubber it will be enough to fit any of your The Indian Face glasses.

The triangular-shaped plastics must measure two centimeters less wide than the eva rubber strip and be one and a half centimeters wide. (They can be made from an old lid of a tupperware that you have). You draw the measurements, two pieces of 10 cm x 1.5cm or 12cm x 1.5cm, and cut them out. If the plastic is very thin, you can cut them double and glue them together with hot silicone, so that it offers more resistance when pressing to open the cover on the sides.

We will glue the plastic strip on the two edges of the narrow area, leaving a 2 mm space from the edge of the eva rubber, and then we will fold it again and glue it inwards so that the plastic remains hidden.

We will apply silicone to the long edges with the gun and fold them in the exact half so that they stick together.

Then we will decorate the outer part of the cover with the metallic brooch or button in beautiful relief, previously heating it with the heat of the candle but without the flame burning or turning it black. Later we will stamp it on the eva rubber cover, making a series of drawings one next to the other and adding lines as far as you want.

Finally, if you want to decorate it more, with the wool needle and the wool or thick thread of color that you like the most, start sewing under the plastic area. Tuck the first stitch knot from the inside and from there 3mm from the edge all the way around the cover until you reach the other end just before the plastic pieces.

Once finished, you can open the case and take your desired glasses in your bag without it being damaged or taking up too much space with a hard case.

Now you have a whole series of entertaining and sustainable crafts that will surely give your favorite sunglasses a long life and that will allow you to keep them completely organized and at hand. We encourage you to try them in order to boast that you have done it yourself.



    To keep your glasses in perfect condition, you must have the lenses clean, if possible with specific liquid for cleaning glasses or, if you don't have them, with cologne. The cologne leaves them clean without deteriorating them, applying it with a fine microfiber chamois for glasses, since handkerchiefs and napkins contain glass microparticles that could scratch them if they are used for a long time. When they are very dirty, wash them directly with water and neutral soap. The towel is also a good drying method in that case.

    When you are not using them, you should keep them in an organizer or in a case so that the crystals do not scratch or suffer accidents.

    Never wear them hanging from your neckline, because from there they fall off and can break, in these cases the crystals are easily chipped. Neither the keys on the head, since they get dirty and get caught in the hair.


      Having a good diet is essential for good eye health. The Mediterranean diet greatly favors this correct diet, so take advantage of it and keep in mind in your diet foods such as: olive oil, sunflower and soybean seeds, red pepper, oranges, eggs, broccoli, carrots, nuts, oily fish, and dairy. All these foods are rich in vitamin A, C, D, and prevent age-related macular degeneration, which, along with diabetes, are the main causes of vision loss.

      Having good health in general is also very important, avoiding being overweight, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Regular physical exercise that suits our needs helps keep them at bay.

      Using quality sunglasses like the ones we offer you at The Indian Face will always be the best option.


        - Skipping meals, especially breakfast, because the level of sugar in the blood drops sharply.

        - Snacks between meals, because they provide empty calories.

        - Abuse of refined sugars or saturated fats.

        - Not resting enough, since it causes eye exhaustion.

        - Drink alcohol, because it slows down blood circulation.

        - Eating too fast, because it does not allow food to be assimilated well.


          To have your sunglasses organized, there are simple ideas such as hanging them from a hanger that helps prevent the glasses from deteriorating and keeping them in sight.

          Emptying a drawer and making space to organize them and have all your models in view is also a good option.