7 deportes ‘raros’ y curiosos que deberías conocer


7 'weird' and curious sports that you should know about

Today we want to show you a series of strange and curious sports, some of them also somewhat extreme, that are becoming fashionable in certain parts of the world, that do not stop adding followers and that we think you would like to know. Even some of them are technically not legal due to the danger involved. We attach videos of each one so that you can judge for yourself their rarity or danger, but we are sure that you will find them curious.


Similar to football, but is played with a Frisbee or Frisbee. It is practiced in the US, Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Colombia or Chile and, to a lesser extent, in Spain. It is spectacular to see how the players launch themselves to intercept the frisbee right on the goal line, culminating precious plays.

Slam Ball

Based on basketball, the court has trampolines or trampolines in front of each basket. Teams are made up of four players. It is scored by baskets of two or three points. The latter are achieved by outside shots or dunks. In this way, players constantly seek dunks, which makes this modality a truly spectacular sport. The origin of this sport is North American.


Based on classic polo, it is practiced on bicycles instead of horses. The ball is also hit with a stick, this has to be introduced into goals within a rectangular field. This sport was invented by the Irishman Richard J. Mecredy in 1891.


This is a water sport in which a huge mat comes into play. A member sits at one end and, at the other end, someone falls from a certain height (about 5 meters) that catapults the person who was sitting at the opposite end. A US Army soldier noticed this phenomenon while driving a rubber tank full of fuel. Later this type of mats reached the summer camps and finally landed in Europe.


It's about rolling down hills and slopes inside a transparent plastic sphere. They can be spheres for a single passenger or for two or three. The origin of this sport is New Zealand.

Limbo Skating

It is a strange sport, based on skating, which is practiced mainly in India. The goal is to skate under something without touching it. Currently the greatest crack of this modality is a 7-year-old boy who skidded under 39 cars (stopped, without danger) without touching them... for 70 meters.

Train Surfing

As we said at the beginning of the post, when we were referring to an illegal and very extreme sport we were referring to Train Surfing. Practiced in Russia, India and other Asian countries, those who practice it try to travel and make spectacular movements on the body of a moving train, on its exterior or on the roof. Or under the train, between the wheels. Judge for yourself by watching the following video.