7 sitios alucinantes para practicar deportes extremos


7 amazing places to practice extreme sports

7 amazing places to practice extreme sports

If you like to travel, enjoy spectacular natural environments and, incidentally, do activities that involve strong emotions... today we give you seven ideas to prepare your next adventure. Aim!

Mountaineering in Nepal

Specifically, at Island Peak in the Himalayas. It is one of the most complicated ascents, with more than six kilometers of ascent, but with unbeatable views. Once the summit has been reached, the person who achieves it may believe that he is dreaming before such a spectacle, if the lack of oxygen allows him to see clearly!

Diving in Brazil

The Brazilian town of Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is famous for the quality of its water activities and diving areas. An idyllic, beautiful location that is also known for its virgin landscapes and ecotourism.

Parachute jump in Ampuriabrava, Girona

One of the clearest references in terms of skydiving, internationally, is located in Ampuriabrava (Girona). Its parachute jump center was the first to record a million jumps. If you like extremely strong emotions, go to Empuriabrava and jump from a plane from 4,000 meters above sea level at a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour over the Costa Brava. An experience that you should dare to do at least once in your life.

Paragliding in Türkiye

On the Turquoise Coast is the Ölüdeniz beach (Turkey), one of the most beautiful in the entire globe. This beach, bathed by the Mediterranean and the Aegean, is ideal for paragliding over it and enjoying the landscape from a bird's eye view. In fact, the area is very famous internationally precisely for this activity.

Surfing in Indonesia

The Mentawai Islands, in Indonesia, are of volcanic origin and it is an incredible environment, a true paradise. Its beaches also continuously produce waves that are the envy of all surfers looking for good action. If you also like photography and enjoying nature, this should be one of your next destinations.

Bungee jumping in New Zealand

Specifically on the Kewarau bridge it is one of the most visited places by lovers of extreme sports in New Zealand, a country with an impressive offer of activities of this type and where you can unleash your your adrenaline reserves.

Go rafting in Benasque, in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees

And finally, another very interesting destination in Spain: rafting and kayaking or trekking through ravines in the Aragonese Pyrenees, in Benasque. An accessible and highly recommended plan.