9 destinos que van a estar de moda en 2015


9 destinations that will be fashionable in 2015

Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Colombo is the most populous capital of Sri Lanka, an island located in the southeast of India. With some 700,000 inhabitants, it is bustling with activity. Its vibrant daily life is accompanied by modern buildings, colonial constructions and historical ruins. Its port is considered strategic as it links maritime trade routes between West and East Asia.
Lake Colombo is one of its most characteristic sites. There is an elegant promenade, many entertainment venues and a good number of magnificent beaches where you can bathe and practice activities. Actually, all of Sri Lanka is in fashion and the interest of tourists in this country has increased by 50% in the last year.


The Republic of Myanmar, in eastern India, has enjoyed a five-star hotel fever for the past decade. The temples of Bagan, Siem Reap, the royal gardens, the Wat Bo pagoda and the sacred city of Angkor are very close to this country that, without a doubt, is being noted on the agenda of many travelers all over the world.


What about Brazil? After the World Cup and with a view to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, this country will continue to be a hive of life and activity during 2015. Brazil continues to grow and develop at a good pace and can be an interesting destination to explore its possibilities for the future.


Iceland contains fantastic, beautiful and even movie landscapes. Star Wars or Interstellar have recorded sequences on Icelandic lands due to the surprising natural environment. It is worth visiting this country just to witness its northern lights.

Mykonos (Greece)

The island of Mykonos is consecrating itself as one of the most exclusive in the Mediterranean and the interest of the Spanish in visiting it has grown by 40% in 2014. It is already known as the "Greek Ibiza" and in it both party tourists and sun, cove and tranquility tourists can enjoy together.


If you like adventure travel and ecotourism, Nicaragua may be an ideal destination for you. It is known as the new “Costa Rica”, it contains wonderful natural spaces and the tourist and leisure offer for adventure lovers has grown.


The Central American country has experienced a serious increase in tourist interest in it since 2014, also coinciding with the Centennial of the Panama Canal. An improvement in the airport connection, with a greater volume of flights to the Panamanian capital, has been one of the causes of this growth of interest in a city that lives at a high pace, with a wide range of leisure activities and in which surely you'll have a great time for a few days.


The South Korean capital has enjoyed a steady growth in interest from tourists in recent years. It is an exotic country, with great gastronomic wealth and a very interesting and welcoming culture . Without a doubt, it will continue on the agenda of the most restless tourists during the next year.


It is very likely that Taipei will climb many positions in the ranking of attracting high-income tourists during 2015. The city is undergoing a process of renewal of the city and has the presence of complexes, shops and luxury accommodation for a good number of tourists of this type.