Afterglow, luces y esquí nocturno


Afterglow, lights and night skiing

Professional skiers Pep Fujas, Daron Rahlves, Chris Benchetler and Eric Hjorleifson supported a spectacular display of night skiing for the making of an impressive video, shot on October 17 by Sweetgrass Productions, in which said athletes equipped with LED light suits are observed carrying out a very special night descent . The bullfighter costumes are made up of more than 7,000 LED bulbs.

The video, dubbed Afterglow, is shot in Alaska with GoPro cameras in first person view. You yourself are going to feel like the author of this nocturnal descent full of speed, lights, snow and emotions .

It lasts just over three minutes and, like most of the videos we share with you, it is accompanied by very well-chosen music for that matter. Here you can see it:

As you may have noticed, the filmmakers of Afterglow mounted eight 4,000-watt spotlights along the course to support the skiers with a bit more lighting. The assistant director, Nick Wagoner, assured that the skiers who participated in the recording exclaimed more than once: "Fuck **, that scared me so much!".

Of course, we found the result amazing. And you?