Entrenamiento de brazos para escaladores


Arm training for climbers

When we practice mountain or rock climbing, it is essential to strengthen the muscles of our back, arms, biceps and triceps. For this, it is best to include exercises of this type in your sports practice. If you follow this routine periodically (taking all the precautions) it will be great for you to get the arms and back of a climber that you need so much.

Go ahead and bring out the climber in you!

Entrenamiento de brazos para escaladores

Additional Tips:

  • Do stretching exercises before starting this routine.
  • Take 10-15 seconds of rest between repetitions.
  • Do deep breathing between exercises.
  • Work the muscles in each exercise, do not force any other part of the body that does not require it to avoid tension or numbness.
  • Hydrate very well.
  • Always find a comfortable position and use a yoga mat or a towel.
  • Do each exercise slowly working each muscle, and not fast repetitions.
  • Enjoy each exercise, imagining that you are climbing a real rock. Go for it, climber!