Top gifts for adventurous mothers

“Yes, I can say, without fear of generalizing, that every mother is a woman, a person, a rare flower. Each one with specific needs to develop and flourish.”-Carmen Pacheco. Yes, Mother's Day is coming up, and no... none is comparable to another.

In this post we have thought of women, of “vitamin” mothers, who do not stop still for a second, who do everything, who never seem to be tired. In those who take the bike and helmet on Saturday mornings and don't return until lunchtime, in those who run, who walk, who don't run out of batteries...

Our mothers, all different, special, very much theirs and only we, the children, truly understand, always deserve time, space and affection.

For this reason, on the first Sunday of May of each month we pay homage to them a little higher and make it clearer than ever that they are our most precious pillars.

After reflecting on what adventurous mothers who lead this lifestyle can be grateful for more than anything else, we offer you 5 gift ideas that will not fail.


gafas de sol deportivas

Sports Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses or sports sunglasses that accompany your mom on any adventure can also be a hoot. If your mother practices running, trail running, hiking or cycling, or even snow sports, take a look at the The Indian Face page, where you can find such a wide variety of models in sports sunglasses that it will be difficult for you to choose just one. . You can gossip about our sunglasses and sports glasses store. You can too give him a model of sport-casual sunglasses that can use even when you're back in town. Everything will depend on your mother's tastes, but you will undoubtedly find the ideal option of sports-casual sunglasses for adventurous women.

Any gift you decide to give her can be accompanied by this great detail! Since sunglasses, whether sporty or casual, are something you would wear on your daily adventures, you will no doubt be on your mind at all times. Also, if you give your mother sunglasses, you will ensure that she protects her eyes correctly, and that she has the best visual quality when she plays sports or performs outdoor activities, which is of the utmost importance.

Sport caps

The The Indian Face brand is committed to freedom, adventure and the desire to not stop and conquer the world. We know that your mother is a bit like that, restless, modern and not afraid of anything. At The Indian Face you'll find a type of cap design for just about any outdoor sport, and because we love to shout out to the world what our passions are and what drives us (including your mom here) we think you'll find it hilarious to open a gift and find the most modern accessory of the season, designed exclusively for her.


Ski goggles

We know the ski season has just ended... but time flies and the next one is just around the corner!

If you want to give your mother a beautiful, fashionable accessory that she will get a lot out of and that also has Premium quality and features, take a look at our technical brand uller, specialists in optics sporty, it has polarized ski and snow goggles, designed with the highest quality materials and that have features that are difficult to find on the market today.

In addition to adapting to the face, integrating into any type of helmet, fully securing and protecting the eyes and avoiding any type of eye injury that could occur due to the sun or impacts while practicing sports, these glasses are designed with exquisite taste.

They are large, showy and very visual, but simple, minimalist and sober. Your mother will be very fashionable with glasses uller!

regalos dia de la madre mascaras de esqui


Bungee Jumping

Imagine finding yourself in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, green and leafy, where silence is the protagonist and is only interrupted by the flow of water from the rivers in the area and the native birds, and you, enjoying nature and the the company of the greatest ally you can have: your mother's. Suddenly, you stop dead on a bridge, and your mother, who doesn't know exactly where she is going, suddenly realizes that she is on the Murillo de Gállego, the best bridge for bungee jumping in Spain. This is due to its 20 meter high jump and the spectacular landscapes that surround it.

We are sure that your adventurous mother lives in a constant non-stop on a daily basis and she needs to release adrenaline. Bungee jumping is one of the best solutions to release all the accumulated stress in a moment. If your mother is a born adventurer, what are you waiting for to give her the best Mother's Day gift? Here is a link for you to take a look at one of the agencies organizing bungee jumping activities in Murillo de Gállego:



We are now in the city of Toledo, known for its surroundings, its warm climate and its wonderful gastronomy. Although perhaps the most important thing in this article is that it is one of the best cities for skydiving in Spain. We know that your mother is not afraid of anything and has a tremendous free spirit and adventure! But has she ever parachuted? Does she know what it's like to fall at 200 km / h from heights? Your mother needs you to accompany her to experience the euphoria that she feels when flying, and for liters of adrenaline to flow through her blood. When she lands again, she will feel like the owner of the universe and nothing will be able to stop her from taking over the world.

If you want more information, or are interested in booking the skydiving session with your mother as soon as possible, this link that we leave you below will take you directly to the company that is in charge of organizing this experience:



We return to the north of Spain, this time to Asturias, a place that in addition to having mountains, vegetation and offering the sensation of breathing fresh air every time you fill your lungs, is also a place on the coast and the temperature and conditions Atmospheric conditions are usually pleasant (when it is not raining). We are in one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a paragliding ride. The Hill of the Raven is the place where the landscape impresses a little more than the rest, where you will see the top of the mountains and the mountains at your feet, and the immensity of the sea will make you feel small and infinite at the same time. Your mother is going to love it. You will renew your energy and you will recover all the vitality you deserve. It will bring out the adventurer in you again. When you finish this experience, and the high has subsided a bit, take a walk along the promenade of Gijón, have a good cachopo for dinner, or go for a swim on the beach!

If we have already convinced you, we direct you with this link to the website of the organizers of the paragliding flight over the Hill of the Raven:


Hot air balloon ride:

This experience is not so extreme, but it requires your mother not to be afraid of heights and to relativize the apparent fragility of the object that transports her. We are going to Catalonia, to the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, in Girona. You and your mother will enjoy the best example of a volcanic landscape on the Iberian Peninsula. The area that is flown over has forty volcanic cones and more than twenty lava flows. A very positive aspect of this experience is that many of the agencies that organize these flights offer cava and coca de chicharrones, and upon landing, as the balloon takes off early in the morning, when life is still calm, they offer you a delicious country breakfast.

We still can't fly under our own power, but these experiences bring us a little (quite) closer to that feeling: freedom. And your mother deserves it. Next, you will be able to access the official organizing site for balloon trips in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa:


Stop the world for a moment: Yoga retreat

We know your mom is already adventurous 365 days a year, so why not get her something to help her fully relax on her day? She can also release negative energy by completely relaxing to fill her body with good feelings. From Gijón paragliding we now teleport to Marbella, more specifically to the Marbella Club, which organizes retreats focused on well-being and overcoming exhaustion. Your mother will be able to rebalance her body, her mind, practice yoga and meditate. You can get off the world for a day and will be the protagonist for 24 hours. You'll know what to pick up and what to drop when you get back home.

So that you don't think about it anymore and embark with your mother on this spiritual experience, we leave you the link to the retreat center:


These five experiences are brutal ideas because, on the one hand, your mother likes risk and surely she would prefer a day surrounded by nature than to remain locked up in the speed, stress and saturation that the city sometimes gives us . Also, these experiences work as a double gift; because you also give him time. Time together. If you also want to complement one of these experiences with something tangible that they can use on their adventures, we offer you these other five ideas that you can give them:


Carabiner-shaped earrings

Hiking is more than a hobby, it's a way of life, a passion, and being able to wear a piece of jewelry related to what your mom loves the most can mean a lot to her. Instead of giving her earrings that she probably already has, or has similar ones, why don't you get out of your comfort zone and innovate with carabiner-shaped earrings? In addition to enchanting him, they will be amused and he will not store your gift in the limbo of memories.

Sports camera

Recording experiences as incredible as those that are lived when we do outdoor sports, or extreme sports, is the best thing there can be. A sports camera will be especially exciting for your mother, who will be able to record the adventure of jumping from a bridge, paragliding or going up many meters in a hot air balloon, and then, of course, show off in front of everyone and show it off!

Watercolor kit

In addition to being an adventurer, is your mother an artist? Surely she likes to draw or paint the landscapes she sees, put them on paper and keep the memory in a tangible way. When you stop for a rest halfway along your hiking route and suddenly realize you are in the heart of a waterfall, at the head of a river, deep in a forest, or on top of a peak , higher than the clouds, you will surely appreciate taking a travel painting kit, with a pad, watercolors and various brushes.

The book Nothing is impossible. (Kilian Jornet)

Nothing is Impossible is an autobiographical account of the athlete Kilian Jornet, in which he tells how he has pushed his body to the limit, has suffered multiple injuries, has exposed himself to great risks and has achieved records that have amazed the world. With apparent simplicity, he has achieved what seemed impossible. But nothing is the result of chance: since his childhood, he has trained body and mind, and has thoroughly prepared himself for both success and failure. He has explored the limits of human endurance, and his feats, such as the double ascent of Everest, prove difficult to surpass. Kilian Jornet shares the accumulated experience in his most honest and vital book. In "Nothing is impossible" he offers us a valuable lesson that encourages us to make our dreams come true, to run with passion and freedom and, above all, to enjoy the mountains. If your mother hasn't read it yet, this option is ideal as a gift. Kilian Jornet inspires, motivates and makes you believe that everything can be achieved.

Hammock backpacking tent

When you camp, you usually take a tent with you or there are even those who build their bed in the car and sleep in it, with a duvet and a couple of cushions. But lately it is very fashionable to arrive at the camping areas and inspect the area, look for two strong and robust trees close to each other, and place a hammock between the two. Your mother will feel like a silkworm if she uses this format to sleep, but we assure you: it is very comfortable. The next morning, no back pain from having slept on a steep slope or on some pebble (as happens with tents) or mosquito bites, since these hammocks come with a mosquito net. A very original way of sleeping in suspension and in direct contact with nature. Your mother is going to love it.


Our mothers have taught us many things, including taking care of what we love and what matters to us, also taking risks and facing our fears. So if you haven't already, now is the time to thank him. Think about which of these experiences best fits your mom's personality or which gift she'll be most excited to unwrap, and add a cap or sporty or casual sunglasses, (or even ski goggles if her thing is hers). are snow sports) that come in handy to accompany her and take care of her on all her adventures, inside and outside the city. We hope you love it!