Chuck Patterson, el surfero de los esquís


Chuck Patterson, the ski surfer

Did you know Chuck Patterson? Most famous as the one who surfs on skis, well worth seeing in action. He is actually a professional skier and also an expert with the surfboard, he is well known for recording videos practicing a hybrid of the two sports.

Patterson is a highly versatile athlete who masters both water and snow and holds the gritty record for cliff jumping on his skis: he launched himself from 45 meters in Tahoe

He himself claims that water skiing is very similar to skiing on powder snow. Only in the snow you use the entire ski and in the water only from the middle of the boot and the back of the ski. The front of the ski always stays out of the water. He affirms that it is a modality with which you reach a lot of speed and allows a lot of maneuverability within the wave.

In this video you can see Chuck in full action surfing waves with skis:

How did you like it? Have you ever seen someone surfing with boots and ski sticks?