Cómo elegir tu tabla de snowboard de forma eficaz


How to choose your snowboard effectively

If you are considering the idea of ​​buying a snowboard right now, these tips will help you make a better decision. Aspects of the board itself such as size, weight, curvature are joined by factors related to you, such as the size of your feet or your current skill level. With these five questions that you should ask yourself, we will try to clarify some doubts that you may have. we start

What is your true level?

Don't spend a lot of money if you've never been on a board or snowboarded before. In these cases the best thing you can do is rent one and practice with it first to accumulate some skill and experience. And, above all, to make sure you like this type of snow sport.

When you get the hang of the board, you can start by buying one similar to the one that served you as a baptism of fire or maybe something better that allows you to quickly progress a little more.

If your level is intermediate, there is a wide range of mountain boards on the market depending on the different specialties or specific submodalities of snowboarding. The ideal type of table will depend a lot on your tastes.

And for the more advanced, it is certain that they already master the technical characteristics of the board such as the flex or the shape, since a small difference between boards with respect to these magnitudes is a very different way of squeezing this sport for the riders. more seasoned.

What should be the size and weight of the board?

Height and body weight is a determining factor at this point. Normally, a mathematical formula is used to calculate the size of the table: subtract 15% from your height if the difference between it and your body weight is positive and 12% if the result is negative. For example, a person who is 170 centimeters tall with a body mass of 65 kilograms (170-65=5) would have to take away 15% (25) resulting in a 145 centimeter board; on the other hand, another person who measures 170 centimeters and has a mass of 75 kilograms (170-75=-5) would obtain a base result of 150 centimeters by subtracting 12% (20).

Of course, also take into account what you are going to do with the table. Riders more inclined to slide on powder snow will need slightly larger boards. Those who prefer to focus on freestyle twirling will do better with slightly smaller boards.

And the curvature?

It depends on the modality you have in mind to practice and your level as a snowboarder. Basically there are three types of camber: Camber, Rocker and Flat.

The Camber design is characterized by being the one that offers the most speed. The Rocker camber is more maneuverable and suitable for freestyle. And Flat, which has no curvature and is a hybrid.

Do you have big feet?

If you have feet that are larger than size 44, make sure they don't protrude from the sides of the board, it's not recommended. There are wider tables, known as “Wide”.

Have you tried the board before getting it?

Going to equipment tests organized by manufacturers and brands, renting them or asking your friends to let you try theirs can help you find your ideal board before you know it.

Cómo elegir tu tabla de snowboard de forma eficaz