Continua el romance entre moda y tecnología


The romance between fashion and technology continues

We are witnessing a confluence between fashion and technology, an inevitable process due to the tireless search, in both universes, for innovation and continuous experimentation. The fusion of both is a clear intention to improve the quality of life and the daily life of people. In addition, "design" is a very important factor in both fashion and technology and it is the science that is giving meaning to the latest technological applications in clothing and accessories.

Marshall McLuhan said years ago that “technology is an extension of man”. And he was not wrong in predicting this: smart clothing capable of monitoring heart rate and detecting possible cardiovascular attacks is a reality. And full connectivity to the network, to the cloud, meets the needs of highly active consumers on the Internet.

This fever for wearable technology or weareable technology has led designers like the Spanish Rubén Gómez to win the Samsung EGO Innovation Project award to inaugurate the catwalk for young designers who It will take place on February 11. Rubén achieved this award thanks to his “Masdar Goats” collection, a line of sweaters, coats, and jackets equipped with headphones, speakers, hands-free hands, and LED lighting to provide the person with greater visibility on rainy days.

In addition, Rubén Gómez has announced that in the future they are going to work on a collection of smart clothing of a sports nature : sportswear in the latest fashion, with modern designs and incorporating all the technology you can need for when you exercise outdoors. They will tell us more at the Samsung EGO catwalk this month.