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Snowboarding stars on Instagram show us what their snow goggles look like this season

A true rider is aware of all the news and news from the world of snow and why not? he also seeks inspiration from other athletes and snowboarding fans.

Increasingly we come across more digital content platforms that entertain and inspire 24 hours a day.

One of the most common and most used is Instagram! Platform where we share everything about our life, tastes, work and even personal life. And since what we like is to put on our snow goggles and enjoy the snow, we have found the best Instagram accounts and we want to share them with you.

These are the Instagram accounts you should start following. Don't miss them!

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard Anna Grasser

Anna Gasser - @annagassersnow

Anna is an Austrian athlete who, at the age of 29, is already the winner of a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, in the big jump event. In addition, he has won silver and gold medals at the Snowboard World Championships.

The athlete publishes daily content about new tricks in the snow, selfies with incredible views, showing off hers snow goggles and a bit of her lifestyle so her fans can accompany her wherever she goes.

Anna has almost 400K followers and takes her social media very seriously as she considers it a responsibility to her fans.

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard sebastien toutantSébastien Toutant - @sebtoots

28-year-old Canadian Sébastien Toutant is a specialist in slopestyle and big jump events.

he has also participated in the Winter Olympics, becoming the first Pyeongchang Olympic men's big jump champion.

Sébastien takes advantage of his social networks to share his exercise routines, some tricks and other hobbies such as golf and skateboarding.

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard torah bright

Torah Bright - @torahbright

Torah Bright is an Australian snowboarder who specializes in halfpipe and slopestyle events. The athlete has participated in three Winter Olympic Games, winning gold and silver medals in halfpipe events.

Torah enjoys her passion and invites his followers to participate in all the events of his life, even the birth of his baby! The Australian has shared her pregnancy process, and now she is seen enjoying the new member of her family, with tender videos and photos.

Visiting her profile will also give you a glimpse of her snow and beach walks. Torah Bright is sure to be a mommy snowboarder you'll want to follow!

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard john jackson

John Jackson - @johnjamun

If you really love snowboarding, you have to keep track of John Jackson. This snow phenomenon has entered the world of filmmaking, creating movies and miniseries about his incredible trips and snowboarding experiences.

John was born in California and by the age of 11 he had already acquired his first snowboard. Since then his passion has only grown. Today, John wears his snow goggles to all parts of the world, getting to know different cultures and settings where you can practice your favorite sport.

He also has his own line of accessories together with his brother, called “Jax Union” and all proceeds go to an orphanage in Nicaragua. In addition, he knows how to play musical instruments such as the piano, guitar and mandolin.

What are you waiting for to start following this star?

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard scott stevensScott Stevens - @sleepystevens

Known on his networks as “Sleepy Stevens”, Scott is a snowrider with such creativity in performing every trick, that he appeals to an entire generation of lovers of snow and skateboarding.

On his social networks you can find videos edited in a fun way, combining snowboarding, skateboarding, his pets, son and a couple of trampolines. An account worth following!

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard elena hightElena Hight - @elenahight

Elena Hight is an American Olympic snowboarder, who has become the first woman to land a double alley rodeo in a half pipe.

A girl who wears hers well snow goggles and that in his account shows the best of this sport.

Currently he has published the trailer of his new film project “Blank Canvas” where he participates as part of the main protagonists along with other great riders.

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard xaviervr de la rue

Xavier de le Rue - @xavierdelerue

French athlete, born in the Pyrenees, winner of three medals in the Snowboard World Championships between 2003 and 2009.

Passionate about nature, great mountains and snowboarding, Xavier de le Rue also prefers to spend time with his family.

Among his main plans for the future is to continue the production of his own films and make some scheduled expeditions to Spitsbergen, Norway and Alaska.

In his Instagram account you can find incredible videos of his experiences and tricks in the snow.

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard elias elhardt

Elias Elhardt - @eliaselhardt

Who definitely knows how to show off their snow goggles in the networks is Elias Elhardt. Born in Germany, Elias shows his best moments in the snow with good quality photos and videos.

In addition to enjoying snowboarding, he is also a filmmaker. He recently celebrated the premiere of his new film “Narcis”, where he tells the story of Brezovica, a small mountain town in the war-torn region of Kosovo.

In addition to watching his entertaining content on the networks, he also invites you to watch his movie online completely free of charge.

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard marko grilc

Marko Grilc - @grilo

Marko Grilo is a snowrider who loves to enjoy life and have fun while doing what he loves: snowboarding.

Grilo has been a professional for 10 years, no matter how young he may seem. Like many, he has also entered the world of television with his own program "The Grilosodes", which fortunately has become one of the most popular snowboarding programs.

Her Instagram account is full of content on the snow and moments with her family, who also seem to be delighted to wear snow goggles and enjoy this great sport.

instagrams snowboarders gafas snowboard robin van gyn

Robin Van Gyn - @robinvangyn

Robin Van Gyn is a snowrider at heart who currently lives in Whistler, British Columbia. From there, she shows from her networks, all her adventures and lifestyle of a snow lover. Even being summer, he also shares his walks on the beach, surfing and camping. Robin is inspired by nature and adventure. Nor does he miss the opportunity to share moments with his family and friends.

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