Distribuidores y Mayoristas de óptica y complementos al por mayor


Distributors and wholesalers of optics and wholesale accessories

INTERESTED IN DISTRIBUTING OUR PRODUCTS?: Discover how easy it is to buy in our online store for wholesalers!

Reference in casual and sports optics in our country, dedicated to the manufacture of fashion accessories that meet the demands and lifestyle of our customers at a reasonable price.

  • Leading Company: We are leaders in the online market of accessories for athletes and lovers of life and adventure.
  • Fashion Brands: We offer quality material with spectacular designs adapted to current sports fashion.
  • Commitment to the Client: We are politically correct in all aspects of our business. We generate a relationship based on trust and commitment with each of our clients, associates and distributors.
  • Quality products: We offer the highest performance in each of our products. We use light materials of the highest quality and resistant over time, specially designed for the support of the modern athlete.

Distribuidores y Mayoristas de óptica y complementos al por mayor


Because our esteemed distributors asked for it so much... Finally, the contact platform for wholesale online purchases that your business was so needing has arrived. Now you can make more practical orders for your business, and offer the best quality to your customers!

Our range of optical fashion products of the highest quality is available online for you to receive at the door of your office, business or establishment.

We know that times in the digital era have changed. For this reason, we want to make your life easier when you place orders for your commercial establishment. More humanized brands deserve more comfortable, simple and personalized options, and we have them for you!

We are wholesalers and suppliers of wholesale clothing, optics and accessories and we distribute our products in more than 30 countries. Our wholesale sales reach the 5 continents.

Distribuidores y Mayoristas de óptica y complementos al por mayor

Learn about the 3 brands that you will find on our B2B platform (Online Store):


A brand that was born to be free! Designed for lovers of adventure, sports and adrenaline. THE INDIAN FACE offers the highest quality and fashion in watches, sunglasses, sports glasses and ski glasses, to accompany you during the best experiences that make you fall in love with life.


Created by and for freeride lovers! It has been crowned as the first 100% Spanish brand of high-performance winter accessories for the most demanding and experienced skiers and snowboarders.


Hanukeii is a happy and carefree lifestyle… More than a brand of sunglasses, we are your travel companion. Light, beautiful and quality, with the highest performance. We accompany you step by step in the best moments of your life. We believe that it is better to live barefoot... because without worries you live better!

All our brands sell and offer more than products. We offer our clients a lifestyle, adapting to the personality of our different market niches. That is why each of our strategic communications are based on the lifestyle and on the experience behind our products, always based on adventure, true happiness, and the good times in life.

Distribuidores y Mayoristas de óptica y complementos al por mayor


Learn about the three main advantages of our new online shopping platform!


Buy only what you need when you need it with no minimum order.

We are modern, lovers of technology and quality of services. We understand what the value of a job well done means, and for this reason we dedicate all our efforts to offer more and better ways to collaborate with our distributors and wholesalers.

To think that it is just like making your personal purchase from your mobile! We have adapted to the new online buying and selling technologies so that your establishment's sales team can order our products quickly, easily and conveniently, without having to make additional calls or inquiries.

The best of buying online at retail, but wholesale for your business... just one click away! Order the amount of product you want, for each of our brands, and supply your business with quality products with an excellent sales margin.


We will send you your order within a period of 24 to 48 hours from when you made your purchase.

We have an excellent delivery and parcel system that responds to the needs of our customers and associates. For us it is essential that you receive your deliveries correctly and on time. Adapting to new technologies allows us to offer each of our wholesalers the attention and quality of services they really deserve.


The bigger the order, the bigger your discount!

We do not have a minimum limit for wholesale purchases, but we do reward large orders with excellent discounts! Choose the purchase modality yourself and become one of our best strategic allies, according to the needs of your business.

Are you ready to do business with us? You are two steps away from enjoying all these benefits!


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Distribuidores y Mayoristas de óptica y complementos al por mayor

Do you have any doubts or questions?

We want to support the growth of your business! Get in touch with us and we will give you an answer as soon as possible. Leave us your comments, doubts or suggestions in the message box. We are dedicated to successful sales businesses and we know that if we come together we will do more than great.

We are very excited to welcome you to our purchasing and distribution team!

The time has come to ensure that your business runs well with quality optical products so that you benefit to the maximum. Do not wait any longer to enjoy these great benefits that we have created for you!

Distribuidores y Mayoristas de óptica y complementos al por mayor