El Descenso de la Muerte, un clásico del esquí


The Descent of Death, a ski classic

If you like skiing and movie classics, “The Descent of Death” (Downhill Racer, 1969) can be a good alternative for when you want to watch a movie .

Directed by Michael Ritchie (The Rookie Fairy, The Scout, The Perfect Shot) and starring Robert Redford and Gene Hackman, it tells the story of David Chappellet, a very ambitious and attractive skier who has as his goal of becoming the king of alpine skiing and Olympic champion for his country (USA).

Obsessed with becoming the best, David avoids all emotional ties. Due to the need for total dedication, the skier will have problems with his girlfriend and even his own father.

Both Redford and Hackman were still unknown actors when this film was released in the United States. In fact, the film was not released in Spain until 1975, when both actors were already considered stars after appearing in films like “El coup” or “The French Connection“.

As we say, if you like the classics and alpine skiing, you will enjoy the film. Not only will you see the beginnings of Robert Redford and Gene Hackman as actors, but you will be able to study the equipment used by alpine skiers in the late 60's or early 70's. Of course, the materials and equipment are much better now... but it might be interesting to take a look back in time and see how athletes equipped themselves in those days.

Here we leave you the trailer in original version:

One of the curiosities of “The Descent of Death” is the appearance of Natalie Wood, an actress who participated in “West Side Story“, “Rebel Without a Cause” and who became famous for starring “Splendor in the grass”, appears (although unrecognizable by his clothing) in the film.