El estilo casual y sus prendas clave


Casual style and its key items

Casual style and its key items

At The Indian Face we believe that the casual style is the one that works both to go to work, to go to class or to do day-to-day activities. But go comfortably to feel comfortable during all day does not mean that we have to put fashion and trends aside.

To get a casual outfit you have to dress with naturalness, style and simplicity, it is not necessary to overload the look with too many things, the simpler the better. The only thing that is necessary is to know how to combine the clothes.

The long colored pants are a trend in the casual look of athletes and celebrities, they can be used in different shades from the most daring such as red or green, to the most discreet such as beige or the kaki. Combining pants in bright colors like royal blue with t-shirts in lighter colors is the best way to create a casual look.

jeans are also an essential piece of clothing in the wardrobe because they combine with any type of garment and can be used throughout the year.

The basic t-shirts in a single color with a casual style are the key. It is very comfortable to combine a gray t-shirt with some pattern with any type of pants. And the result will always be great and very natural.

The same thing happens with footwear, any type of comfortable shoe can be perfect for it. Skater style sneakers are the best to achieve this look because they offer simplicity and comfort. In addition, its wide range of colors (blue, green, red, yellow, gray, black...) will mean that you can find one for each outfit, thus being able to combine the rest of your clothes.

To finish off the casual look, the hairstyle is also important. It is clear that to go to work you must save appearances, but leaving your hair loose so that it is natural, without being disheveled, is the best way to achieve a carefree look.