GoPro, una nueva revolución en el mundo de las cámaras de acción en 7 vídeos


GoPro, a new revolution in the world of action cameras in 7 videos

GoPro, a new revolution in the world of action cameras in 7 videos

There is no doubt that the penetration of GoPro cameras in 2014 has been strong and decisive. Since the year we just consumed we are seeing authentic jewels in video format thanks to this new technology. Of course, the GoPro has revolutionized the entire current audiovisual scene and, together with the globalization of communications, jewels to behold can be found on the net.

Nick Goodman, creator of these cameras, has become a millionaire at just 28 years old. He risked $260,000 from his own savings and family loans and now markets micro-cameras that delight extreme sports freaks

And the thing is, the product's slogan already says it: “be a hero”. And it is that with GoPro you can be able to immortalize situations and episodes that you could not before with your personal or home devices.

See, for example, what you can do now while practicing extreme sports. Just let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline, the GoPro will do the rest…

GoPro and extreme sports

Or if you like to travel all over the world, see what collections of images you can make with these new cameras…

The world in 360 degrees

If you want to take GoPro's slogan to heart and truly become a hero, record your descent into the bowels of the most dangerous volcano on the planet. Extreme, right?

Marum, one of the most inaccessible volcanoes in the world

As we said, technology makes it possible to record phenomena that were previously impossible or that were simply reserved for computer-designed effects. But now we can, for example, record fireworks very closely…

A drone between fireworks

Something that has also exploded in 2014 has been the “selfie” phenomenon. And with a GoPro we can go further and turn it into something more extreme…

A selfie on top of a Hong Kong skyscraper

Because it is such a comfortable portable device to wear, cyclists generate a lot of somewhat embarrassing audiovisual content. If you are one of those who like to take the bike and ride on the road, be careful: drivers of motorized vehicles still do not respect the presence of cyclists on the road enough, and the use of GoPro is making it clear. A large number of videos like this are circulating on the net…

GoPro highlights driver education in our society

Even observing natural environments is now more exciting if you are equipped with a GoPro. You yourself, in your underwater dives, can record things like this…

Diving with GoPro or seeing Nature in another way