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Sport Caps The Indian Face

Do you know the meaning of a cap? Do you know the story behind it?

There are many origins attributed to the cap, but it is not clear where this accessory came from, today so widespread throughout the globe. There is talk of the United States, Germany and even Persia. But what is clear is that its primary function was to protect whoever wore it from the sun's rays, especially in the eyes.

As early as 1860, the Brooklin Excelsiors baseball team popularized the rounded cap design for their team. Its use was extended and its design was modified according to the needs. The visor, for example, was shorter than the one we know today.

It is an accessory that has been associated with athletes, film directors and hip hop artists. Carried backwards, on many occasions it symbolizes belonging to an urban group, although tennis players and paparazzi also do it for convenience. Today, wearing the cap turned backwards denotes a fun and carefree character.

The truth is that the usefulness of the cap is more than justified. It easily adjusts, protects and dresses. It has been leaving the sports field where it predominated, and it has also been spreading to the female group. It has been introduced into wardrobes as one more complement and in many cases essential. Who doesn't have one at home?

But it's not enough to have it, a cap speaks of you. Today it has become a youth garment that can be fully customized. For athletes, rappers, retro, hipster or more elegant, whether it's sunny or not. It is no longer about belonging to a group, today we can see that the cap is almost essential. The Indian Face has focused its designs on the sports field with its collection of sport caps and its models are easy to combine. Choose your color, white or red, and the embroidery of the logo that you like the most. Join the spirit of The Indian Face.