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Urban and sports knitted hats The Indian Face

Knit hats or beanies

Knitted hats or beanies, as they are also known in the United States, are designed to keep the head warm. This name "bean" comes from the term "coconut", which commonly referred to the head at the beginning of the last century. They may have a small visor but they usually don't wear anything. They became popular among the workers of that time who did not want to wear a hat because it reduced their vision and because it kept their hair tied up (in addition to the warmth they provided in winter). Then the children of these workers began to wear these knitted hats at school, at which time they just became fashionable in the country. Later they fell into disuse and at the end of the nineties they reappeared thanks to the fashion associated with winter sports.

Urban and sports knit hats The Indian Face

And since we know perfectly well that you are a lover of winter sports, today we want to show you knitted hats The Indian Face. Our beanies! We have nine different models that we are sure you will love. If you click on any of the images in this article you will directly access the hat catalog The Indian Face.

Knit beanies The Indian Face are super warm, comfortable, soft, colorful and great to wear when skiing or snowboarding. They are a very suitable complement to complete your casual, modern and urban look. This modern, casual and streetwear style is inspired by surf hats or skate hats that you will see when you move around the city.

And look at our striped models, the most casual and carefree. At The Indian Face we have a great collection of knitted hats to use in your day to day. Knitted hats for men, women and children that you can wear both to go to the beach, to the mountains or simply to go out.