Graba como le entierra la avalancha que él mismo ha provocado: se salva de milagro


He records how he buries the avalanche that he himself has caused: he is saved by a miracle

Today we bring you an impressive video that will not leave anyone indifferent.

A rider was snowboarding when, due to his own activity and slides, he causes an avalanche that ends up burying him. Since he was equipped with a GoPro-style camera, he was able to record everything. During the video you can see perfectly how it starts to slide, how the snow starts to crack and how the avalanche ends up completely covering the protagonist of the video.

The truth is that the author of the video saves his life by a pure miracle because, as you can see, it is an extremely dangerous situation.

Have you seen? What appeared to you? Impressive, right? Remember that avalanches are an ever-present danger in the snow and in the mountains and that you must be very careful.