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Pedraforca is a magical mountain located in the Sierra del Cadí, specifically in the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. It is located between the municipalities of Saldes and Gósol, in Catalonia. It is surrounded by other mountains: the Sierra del Cadí, the Sierra del Verd and the Sierra de Ensija. It has a very characteristic shape reminiscent of a gallows, since two peaks separated by a col rise from the mountain: Pollegó Superior, 2506 m high, and Calderer, of 2505m. It is an emblematic place; in 1982 the Parliament of Catalonia declared it a National Reserve of National Interest. Do you know how old he is? Pedraforca (stone, gallows) was born about 25 million years ago. It is the most climbed mountain in Catalonia, although it has very demanding areas, only for experienced mountaineers; as well as areas to relax in nature with friends or family. It is an ideal place not only for sports, but also for picnics, taking walks... We are going to tell you everything you need to know to go up to Pedraforca. Watch out!


The Pedraforca mountain is not the highest in Catalonia, but due to its position it is a mountain that is demanding to climb. If you want to climb Pedraforca, you have to prepare beforehand. Do not trust yourself too much, you have to be aware of your physical abilities, since during the ascent there are sections of considerable difficulty. In winter there is snow, which makes the route more difficult; therefore this season is more recommended for people with experience. Added to this is the risk of possible falling stones, so it is essential to always wear a helmet.

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Before going to Pedraforca it is essential to check the weather to plan the route you are going to do. We must bear in mind that in the mountains the weather is highly variable and this can affect our getaway. There can be a sudden change in the weather and at one point you will find yourself with a thunderstorm. In hours of meteorological risk, avoid being in the highest areas of the mountain. Winter in Pedraforca is quite long and cold, with an average temperature of -5° and reaching -10° on the coldest days. The average temperature in summer is 23° and rarely exceeds 27°. Rainfall is very frequent in the afternoon, so if you are going on an excursion it is best to always get up early. The best time to climb Pedraforca is late spring (May) or early fall. In these months the temperature is very pleasant and there are not so many people. You may not know it, but there are several webcams from which you can check the weather in real time in Pedraforca, such as the webcam located in the Serra d'Ensija Refuge.


To get to Pedraforca you have to come by car no matter what, since it is inaccessible by public transport. There are two roads that go to Pedraforca. If you come from Collet, you have to take the road B-400; if you leave from Tuixén or Josa de Cadí, then join the C-563. Once here, you have two options for parking, depending on where you want to go up the mountain. To the west is Gósol and to the east Saldes. In Saldes there is a very comfortable viewpoint to park, the Mirador de Gresolet, with a fairly large parking lot and wonderful views. If you want to climb Pedraforca via Gósol, the least crowded ascent, you have a car park right next to the Hotel Cal Franciscó.


Pedraforca is a magical mountain due to, among other things, its unique wealth of fauna and flora. It is a historical enclave, with more than 25 million years and its nature shows us how old this mountain is, as well as the different stages in which it has been formed. Did you know that in the highest area of ​​the mountain there are materials from the Jurassic? Until 1.700 meters, which is the most visited area, there are abundant oak, hazel, maple and rose groves. If we go up a little more and pass the 1.700 meters, the landscape changes. We can see black pine, forest tea, fir conifers... And if we go to the top, we find only two ancestral species that have been able to adapt to the extreme conditions of a place with such characteristics: "l'orella d' ós” (ramonda myconi), considered a living fossil and the “Crown of the King”, formed a million years ago during the first ice ages, which served as a popular remedy for shepherds in cases of complicated births of cattle.

As for the fauna, all kinds of species inhabit Pedraforca: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians... goats are the mammals that have best adapted to this cold climate, although there are also rabbits, foxes, moles and shrews. There is an abundance of butterflies which forms a beautiful and colorful scene and gives rise to legends and myths about this place.

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Pedraforca is a magical place that, due to its characteristics, offers us a variety of sports for all tastes: from hiking, cycling, skiing, running, ballooning...

We are going to show you a couple of hiking trails of different degrees of difficulty, take note!

  • Mallerenga Petita Route. This route, of easy difficulty, is a circular route and begins and ends in Font Terrers. It is a very well signposted route, only 2 km away, with a cumulative drop of 150 meters, a maximum altitude of 1.776 meters and a minimum of 1.627 meters. During the route you will have spectacular views of the Cadí, Gallina Pelada and the castle of Gósol.
  • Route of Gallina Pelada through Les Llobateres. Of moderate difficulty, it is a 12.65 km route, with a maximum altitude of 2.321 meters and a minimum altitude of 1.683 meters. The route is circular and there is a positive and negative difference of 734 meters.
  • Route from the Refugi Vents del Cadí. This circular route leaves the Vents del Cadí refuge and goes up to the Empedrats and the Hervidor de la Leche. They are 13.4 km away, with a maximum altitude of 1.707 meters and a minimum altitude of 904 meters. It has a positive difference of 888 meters and a negative one of 891 meters.

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If this is your first time here or if you don't have experience in the mountains, we recommend that you hire a guided activity. In Caranorte they offer all kinds of proposals: ski mountaineering, mountaineering, rock climbing... If you want to climb Pedraforca accompanied by a guide, do not hesitate to book this activity. You will be accompanied by an accredited professional who will advise you at all times, provide you with the necessary material and you will have insurance in case of accidents.


In Pedraforca there are all kinds of accommodation, from refuges or hostels, campsites to go with the family, rural houses, hotels. A super fun option to spend a weekend or a few days is the Pedraforca campsite, especially if you go with children. There are campsites in Saldes, Gósol and Guardiola de Berguedà, with options to go by motorhome, take your pet, sleep in a tent... We offer you a very fun option to go with friends or family: accommodation Cal Roig . It is a rural house surrounded by nature, which offers a very calm and quiet experience. It is designed to accommodate 12 people, and has 5.500 m2 with swimming pool, barbecue, soccer field, ping-pong table, ball pit...

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more comfortable experience, we are going to recommend a hotel that you will surely love: the Hotel Ca l'Andreu . Located in Saldes, it is a place where green abounds. It has a lot of charm, it is perfect to relax in a quiet environment. It offers a garden, terrace, unbeatable views... and even beauty treatment services.

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It is a question that you have to ask yourself before going to Pedraforca. You have to wear the appropriate clothing and footwear, taking into account the weather conditions of the mountain. Something you cannot forget is to wear a helmet, especially if you go in high season; as there are more hikers, they can unintentionally detach stones and we must be protected. It is also very important that you wear sunglasses that protect your eyes, and in the sunglasses from the indian face surely you will find the ones that are perfect for you toogloves, because when descending it is very easy to slip and thus we avoid cuts when resting them on the ground. Always carry a rope, a flashlight and a GPS, you never know when you might need it. Finally, it is essential to be prepared in terms of food and hydration. It is not enough to have a good breakfast before starting the physical activity, we have to bring food that provides us with energy and drink, since there is no source where we can drink throughout the route.

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In addition to sports activities, Pedraforca offers different proposals for all tastes, many of which you would not imagine. If you like art, visit the Centro Picasso. You will be able to enjoy the 302 works of art and learn about the history of this site. Come to the town of Saldes and discover the remains of the Castillo de Saldes, the church. If you are interested in crafts and gastronomy, there are several farms and organic shops where you can taste and buy artisan products from the territory. Cal Bufulà Farm is a small sheep and chicken farm committed to animal welfare and the environment. In the town of Saldes, there is an agro-store from the Cal Bufulà farm that sells the best quality products to the public: organic meat, cow's milk, yogurt and sheep cheese...

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The highest peak in Pedraforca is Pollegó Superior, which reaches 2,506 meters in height.


This will depend on where you want to climb, from Saldes (east) or from Gósol (west). If you are going up from Saldes, there is a very comfortable viewpoint to park, the Mirador de Gresolet, with a fairly large parking lot and wonderful views. If you want to climb Pedraforca via Gósol, the least crowded ascent, you have a car park right next to the Hotel Cal Franciscó.


Pedraforca is located in the Sierra del Cadí, specifically in the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. It marks the limit between the municipalities of Saldes and Gósol, in Catalonia.


Pedraforca is a very attractive place to do all kinds of sports activities, hiking, running, skiing, cycling... If you want to get to know Pedraforca, but you are looking for another type of experience, there are plenty of activities that you will love. You can visit the villages in the area such as Saldes, Gósol, Vallcebre..., the Picasso Center, get to know the Cal Bufulà Farm or go to its farm shop.


Given the weather conditions in the mountains, the best time is in the spring or early fall months, as the temperatures are more pleasant and it is much less crowded.

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