Guía práctica: cómo elegir las gafas de sol perfectas según tu tipo de rostro y tus facciones


Practical guide: how to choose the perfect sunglasses according to your type of face and your features

Do you want to buy a new pair of sunglasses, but you can't find your ideal model? Don't you understand why such a beautiful frame flatters you so little? Do you want to find a design that enhances your features and provides that touch of fashion that you are looking for? It is simpler than you think. And we're going to prove it to you!

Surely you have heard on more than one occasion the saying “each person is different”. This phrase is applicable to any aspect of life. And also, of course, the shape of your face and its features, especially when you're looking for the perfect men's sunglasses for ti.

To help you make the best decision, from the indian face we propose the models of sunglasses that best suit you. Get ready to succeed wherever you step!

Perfect sunglasses according to the shape of the face

The width and shape of your chin, the width between the ears or the relief of your cheekbones influence the final effect that you perceive –and see others- when you wear sunglasses. These are the things you need to keep in mind!

Sunglasses for round faces

In these cases, it is best to avoid oversize models. The most flattering glasses for this type of face are those with a square frame, since they manage to dilute the curved lines that predominate, giving a more balanced effect.

Sunglasses for square faces

If you have this type of face, your features are probably quite hard. For this reason, a rounded frame will help you soften the straight lines that predominate in your face. It is also advisable to always avoid angular designs that excessively emphasize horizontality.

Sunglasses for heart-shaped faces

People with a thin chin, but wide cheekbones and forehead should opt for frames that compensate for the asymmetry of the upper and lower part of your face. Also flattering are designs with a light appearance and a subtle frame with little overload.

Sunglasses for oval-shaped faces

If you're one of the lucky ones with an oval face, you're in luck. Almost all the models fit well to your factions. So, in your case, choosing the perfect model depends more on your own taste than anything else. Of course, if your face is very long, an oversize frame is usually very flattering, since it gives the sensation of 'cutting out' the face.

Gafas de Sol Polarizadas

Ideal sunglasses depending on the color of your hair

Now that you have chosen the ideal sunglasses model, you have to decide which color you like best. Go for it!

Sunglasses for black or brown hair

In these cases, the ideal sunglasses are those that bring light to your face. The bright colors and the original frames are a perfect option to give a casual touch to your look. However, if you like a more classic style, traditional dark colors are also perfect for you.

Sunglasses for blonde, brown or red hair

For light hair, the key is to maintain the natural harmony of your face, providing hints of color that complement your aesthetics. Light tones and sober, traditional tortoiseshell frames will be your best allies. And if you want you can combine those frames with fun colored lenses!

Polarized sunglasses from the indian face, a thousand and one options to choose from

Now that you know what your ideal design is, enter our online catalog and discover the models of polarized sunglasses from that are waiting for you. Get ready to turn heads this summer!