¡Evita el desastre! 4 gestos que impedirán que pierdas (o rompas) tus gafas de sol polarizadas


Avoid disaster! 4 gestures that will prevent you from losing (or breaking) your polarized sunglasses

Surely you are one of those people who care about taking care of what they love the most, who enjoy small moments in the company of their loved ones and savor even the smallest detail when it comes to living an unforgettable adventure.

For you, taking care of what you like is not an obligation: it is a pleasure. That's why we know you're going to love what we're about to tell you. Read on!

Keys to keep your polarized sunglasses safe and sound

We present a list of very useful tips so that your polarized sunglasses are always in perfect condition. They will be of great help to you!

1. Running, a risky sport for your polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are a perfect item for sports . They protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, improve your visibility and reduce excessive glare that can bother you when exercising.

Therefore, if you go for a run, whether on a sunny day or a cloudy or even rainy day, you should take them with you. But leave them on! If you do take them off at any time, do not put them on your head as they could fall to the ground, causing damage to the lenses or the frame.

2. Sorry, but your bag is not a safe place

Don't be alarmed, it's not that bad. We just want you to keep in mind that the bag is an inappropriate place to store your polarized sunglasses. Keys, for example, are a very bad company for this accessory, since due to their shape and the material they are made of, they are prone to scratching the lenses very easily.

For these cases, the solution is very simple: always keep your sunglasses in their case. It is a very simple gesture that will not take you time. You have no excuse!

3. Be careful where you sit!

The typical thing: you are walking down the street with your new polarized sunglasses. Then you go into a bar, take them off and keep them in the first place you find. For example, the back pocket of the pants. Then you order at the bar, pay and go to the table. And you sit down... and notice a "crack!" They are your sunglasses, which have been fractured at the temple.

Surely you wouldn't dream of sitting on a dozen eggs. What's more, surely you are one of those who waits for the last moment to pick them up in the supermarket because you think that if you leave them in the lower part of the car they will be crushed. Next time you're tempted to pocket your sunglasses, remember this!

4. The car, the Bermuda triangle of valuables

It is likely that, on more than one occasion, you have left work wanting to get home and you have gotten into the car, leaving everything lying on the passenger seat, the glove compartment or the trunk. We understand you: anyone has a bad day.

The problem is that the car is that place where the 20 cent coins find secret paths to disappear under the mats, where the mobile seems more elusive and slips between the seat and the back until it arrives in an inexplicable way to an inaccessible nook and where the keys are lost and you end up finding them when you step on them. And, since you surely don't want the same thing to happen to you with your polarized sunglasses, provide solutions: the glasses, when they are not on, always in their case and in a safe place.

gafas de sol polarizadas

Now you know how to keep your polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face

You now know everything you need to prevent your favorite plugin from suffering any kind of damage. Enter our online catalog and apply everything you have learned with the incredible models of polarized sunglasses that we have available at theindianface.com. Small details change everything!