Cómo saber si unas gafas de sol son polarizadas: las claves sobre el complemento más trendy del verano


How to know if sunglasses are polarized: the keys to the most trendy accessory of summer

Are you one of those who does not want to give up quality or style? Are you famous in your group of friends for your carrying personality and your taste for casual fashion? Do you consider yourself an active person? If you meet these requirements, congratulations! For unique people like you we have great collections of sunglasses, the perfect complement to this summer. And the best thing is that it will also work for you in winter!

The polarized sunglasses are the latest trend among athletes which, in addition, will come in handy when it comes to protecting your vision. Do you want to know why they have become a must have? Here we tell you!

Advantages of polarized sunglasses: the detail that makes the difference

These models are characterized by their ability to eliminate the glare of the sun from elements that reflect its light, such as water or asphalt. Explained in a simple way, the glasses that use this type of lens have a filter that blocks flashes, allowing only useful light to pass through. All this translates into a vision with a much more realistic color and contrast.

Those who have tried them already know: the difference in use between polarized glasses and those that are not is very significant. For this reason, professionals who work outdoors or who, in some way, receive a lot of sun exposure on a daily basis, opt for designs that have this type of lens.

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Polarized glasses, the best idea for all audiences

Is it necessary to have a reason to do things well? polarized sunglasses are not only recommended, but necessary in certain professions. First responders, athletes or transport professionals can give a good account of its benefits.

And, probably, when you know its advantages, you will want to have some too. Polarized lenses offer full protection against UV rays. The vision when using these glasses is much clearer and, in addition, you will be helping to reduce eye fatigue. All this makes them the best idea for people who have a high sensitivity to light. Can you ask for more?

Just for the curious: how to tell if sunglasses are polarized

There are different ways to find out. Normally it is as simple as looking to see if a P or the word polarized appears inside one of the two temples of the glasses. But if this text does not appear in yours -or you want to check it in a more scientific way- we propose a couple of empirical and entertaining solutions to clear up your doubts.

To perform the first one, you simply have to place the lens in front of an LCD screen -frequent in most computers- and see if, when looking through it, it gets darker or lighter by turning the angle of the glass. If so, the lens is set to block excess light and therefore would be polarized. But watch out! Make sure the monitor is LCD, otherwise this test will fail. For example, the vast majority of televisions do not have the Liquid Cristal Display technology necessary to carry out this experiment.

Another way to check this feature is by forming a 90 degree angle (in the shape of an L) with two lenses of this type. If a darkening occurs, it is concluded that they are polarized.

And this, what is noticeable when going out into the street? The difference in vision, as we have already mentioned before, is very important. With polarized sunglasses you will capture an amount of nuances unthinkable with standard lenses. Get ready to enjoy a landscape without perceiving uncomfortable glare or the reflection of the sun hitting the glass. Image tonality with such a lens is incredibly natural – say goodbye to harsh, saturated colours.

See how easy? We encourage you to try it with your new polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face!

Polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face: choose yours!

As you can see, these designs are the best option for your view. What you don't know is that they are also good for your look and your pocket! In our online catalog you can choose from a lot of different models of polarized sunglasses so you can boast the most trendy designs at the best price in .com. The complement of people who enjoy life to the fullest is at your fingertips. Get the most out of your summer because now the only shine that dazzles is you.

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