Kevin Pearce: el superviviente del snowboard


Kevin Pearce: The Snowboarding Survivor

After an accident in which he had to be induced into a coma, Kevin Pearce set out on a new mission in life. Today we tell you a little more about this magnificent rider.

In 2009 Kevin's goal was to medal in Vancouver. He was considered the only real rival to Shaun White, the rider we talked about recently.

But disaster struck during the halfpipe meet at Park City. he suffered a fall and hit his head against the ice and suffered a polytrauma to the skull that kept him in a coma for six days. He then had to undergo six months of intensive rehabilitation. In fact, Kevin Pearce's recovery was documented in a film titled The Crash Reel.

Although he tried by all means to return to high competition, he couldn't. He was too risky: even healed, another blow to the head like that would already be catastrophic. But he had the courage to redirect his life and his goals and he ended up creating Love Your Brain, a social project that works to help people affected by illnesses and brain injuries or who need rehabilitation .

Kevin Pearce's career may have come to an abrupt end, but his involvement with the top-level international snowboarding circuit has led him to embark on a most noble adventure, worth as much or more than a medal or a trophy in a competition. Kevin Pearce survived a serious snowboarding accident, realized many things and now his main goal is to help people who have gone through the same situation . He is commendable.