Kolohe Andino: uno de los surferos más fotografiados y seguidos


Kolohe Andino: one of the most photographed and followed surfers

Like father, like son: Kolohe Andino's father is Dino Andino himself, ASP WCT surfer. With such an origin and bearing in mind where he grew up, San Clemente, a quarry of innumerable most promising surfers (apart from being one of the great nerve centers of surfing worldwide), it is not surprising that this talented surfer, proclaimed champion in nine-time NSSA and WCT participant to be one of the most photographed and followed surfers in the world.

It's hard to believe that the two-time United States National Champion, and the youngest person to win a men's open title at an NSSA regional event, would have done so so early... especially if We began to add up all the trophies that he has accumulated in his career. In 2011 he won the Quiksilver Brazil Open of Surfing (six stars) and, as it seemed enough, he also won the Vans Pier Classic. Kolohe placed third at the ASP Quiksilver Saquarema Prime in 2012 and was part of the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour campaign. His skills and technique in the water made him stand out from the rest and the experts noticed him, confirming beforehand that he is capable of taming and surfing the most difficult and complicated waves, something basic and essential for world championship hopefuls.

But Kolohe always downplays competitions, magazines, and sports successes. He always declares that “I surf because I love it”, explains the American. “And I love the feeling I get afterwards.”