La moda y los dispositivos wearables en 2015


Fashion and wearable devices in 2015

Fashion and wearable devices in 2015

Technological penetration continues its vertiginous advance within our social customs and it is no discovery that they are more present than ever in daily life. All around us we can't stop seeing people who don't take their eyes off WhatsApp, who listen to music through their smartphones or, in the case of the US, people are starting to use Google Glass. Even so, technology and fashion don't seem to have quite shaken hands. What will happen in 2015?

It is true that the fashion industry and technological advances are getting closer. It is already possible to buy clothes with LED lighting systems capable of shining in the disco, clothes equipped with Wi-Fi or dresses that can change their size just by pressing a button, but they are only primitive ideas and prototypes that have not been consolidated in the market. fashion world. All these experiences do not prevent numerous designers from all over the planet from continuing to be interested in adding garments that have these latest technologies to their collections.

An advance that has had a certain echo in consumer society are T-shirts that reflect heart rate or muscle density, a type of garment useful for the athletes and runners market; now they want to open up new market segments to continue marketing articles of this type. Another curious creation has been the Ringly ring, which vibrates to notify you of your phone calls and, furthermore, its designs make it highly combinable with current looks.

Although if any technological advance associated with fashion has attracted attention this past year 2014, it has been the irruption of the smartwatch, specifically the Apple Watch, a device already present in the parades of the Week of Fashion in Paris or on the covers of Vogue.

In our opinion, maybe 2015 is still too early for a total fusion of fashion and technology, but who knows? Will it end up exploding the smartwatch trend in 2015? Will some other device that we are unaware of today break into our social customs?