Libro recomendado: Snowboard: trucos y técnicas de freestyle


Recommended book: Snowboarding: Freestyle Tricks and Techniques

Today we bring you the recommendation of a book that is very useful if yours is snowboarding in the freestyle mode. It's called “Snowboard: Freestyle Tricks and Techniques” by Alexander Rottmann; Its latest edition is from 2010, it is available in Spanish and contains 160 pages of information on preparation, body expression tricks and interesting movements when doing tricks with the board.

As described by La Casa del Libro, a portal where you can buy it for approximately €22, “nothing can be compared to snowboarding freestyle: a high-performance sport that blends body expression, athletic preparation and adrenaline like in any other known sports discipline. A true freestyler is capable of mastering and performing on any terrain. To reach that level you need a lot of effort, training, a lot of perseverance, strong and resistant bones, the attraction to take well-controlled risks... and this book“.

If you are motivated to improve the technique and aesthetics of your freestyle snowboarding, then you will do well to get this book. Tell us what you think!