Lo mejores videos de skate en 2014 según Red Bull


The best skate videos of 2014 according to Red Bull

The best skate videos of 2014 according to Red Bull

Today we want to show you a compilation of the best skate videos that have been recorded in 2014, from the criteria of a great extreme sports: Red Bull. Enjoy it!

Lost in Ordos: The Ghost Town

A group of skateboarders from around the world, on a series of trips to stunning cities around the globe, explore a deserted town in Mongolia on their boards.

Cuban Fidelity: Skating Through the Past

Michael Mackrodt and Walker Ryan explore Havana together with cameraman Patrik Wallner on a trip packed with amazing images in the capital of the Republic of Cuba.

Sweat and Destroy – The trip to Panama

Axel Cruysberghs, Jarne Verbruggen, Kevin Tshala and Englishman Korahn Gayle filmed this marvel in Panama City. With this they won the "Best Film Award" at the RideoOn Film Festival 2014.

Away from the equator

Madars Apse, Barney Page, Ryan Decenzo and TJ Rogers record a four-leg journey, subjected to hellish heat, starting in Singapore and ending in Chiang Mai, passing through the cities of Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Formidable images.

On the Water: A Finnish Adventure

Roope Tonteri and Jaakko Ojanen, together with a group of friends, designed a floating ramp with integrated bar and sauna, inside a Finnish lake. This is the result of his skate sessions on this ramp.

Searching for the Shade: Volcom in Oman

Ben Raemers, Harry Lintell, Eniz Fazliov and Daan Van Der Linden were part of the first squad of foreign skaters to shoot this video in Oman. Great video, by the way.

Souvlaki seekers: a skate scape through Athens

Marco Kada, Ben Dillinger, Simon Stricker and Tobi Fleischer are filmed by Matthias Reich in this interesting getaway through Athens.

LRG Pandanavia Tour

Felipe Gustavo, Carlos Ribeiro, Kilian Zehnder, Helder Lima, Marek Zaprazny, Raúl Navarro and Trent McClung star in this video that has been one of the best audiovisual creations in the world of skateboarding in 2014. Incredible ways to exploit good spots in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Last Resort: Aspotogan, skater's paradise

Joey Brezinski, Ryan Decenzo, TJ Rogers make and star in this brilliant short in an abandoned hotel in Canada, specifically in Nova Scotia. It has been one of the most commented pieces in 2014.

40 Shades: Bobby Worrest and his friends in Ireland

Bobby Worrest, Brian Lotti, the Irish Keith Walsh and the Swiss Simon Stricker walk the streets of the Irish island and discover the most spectacular spots on it in this peculiar and beautiful video.