Los 5 mejores vídeos de Skate de Youtube


The 5 best YouTube Skate videos

Do you like skateboarding? Do you enjoy looking at images of your favorite skaters? Do you want to discover the best videos about skateboarding? Well, here you will find a selection of the 5 best skate videos that you can find published on YouTube:

1. Red Bull Perspective – A Skateboard Film. Incredible production from our friends at Red Bull.

2. Compilation of different tricks in "Slow motion". Incredible sequences

3. Compilation of great tricks of all time. In the past they also did an amazing skate

4. Motivational Skate for this video

5. Compilation of the best of the year 2013 of Street. 2 videos to finish

First part:

Second part:

Enjoy the videos! If they have so many views, it is not by chance.