Los deportistas más urban de la temporada


The most urban athletes of the season

Ryan Sheckler

One of the most stylish athletes is the American skater Ryan Sheckler , since he debuted in the summer of 2005 in the California Amateur Skateboarding Lague league, his career has not stopped growing. He even recorded a reality show for MTV where he was the protagonist. He has now become one of the best skaters in the world and each of his looks becomes a trend

Isa Spears

The snowboarder from Barcelona Isa Lanza dares with everything. He dresses in a very personal urban look that gives him his own style. He says that in addition to all the good that snow brings him, he loves to travel, see new places and different people, and change his way of life from time to time. A 10 to this rider.

Sergi Nicolás

The Catalan Sergi Nicolás began his passion for streetboarding at the age of 12 and has won numerous championships around the world up to now. In 2013 he was named rider of the year and he has not stopped adding merits in his career. Maybe it's because of Sergi's very particular look or because of his long hair, but the truth is that he wins wherever he goes.

Malia Manuel

In fourth place we have the gorgeous Malia Manuel, one of the best surfers in the world. Her Hawaiian charm, her urban style and her pretty smile make her the center of attention. She has been in the world of surfing since she was 8 years old and is passionate about painting her own boards. She is a woman with a lot of personality.