Los mejores snowparks de freestyle snowboard en Europa


The best freestyle snowboard parks in Europe

Today we bring you a list of the best snowparks to practice snow in freestyle mode on the European continent. It's not a ranking, it's a list... and we accept suggestions. If you know of any snowpark in Europe, which is relatively close to Spain, where you have practiced this modality of snow and loved it, tell us!

Sierra Nevada

A benchmark in the national and European snowboarding community. With more than two and a half kilometers and more than 70 modules, including a large superpipe, it is a very important snowpark. In addition, KidsPark allows the little ones to start with the table and freestyle.

Avoriaz (France)

In the French Alps, we recommend the La Chapelle snowpark, with a 120-meter long superpipe and walls of more than six meters. In Arare there is another snowpark with natural obstacles, very interesting.

Mayrhofen (Austria)

The most interesting resort in Austria for snowboarding and one of the best places, by the way, to practice freeride. We recommend the Vans Penken snowpark because it is equipped with a huge number of modules.


The best station in Andorra to do freestyle with the board. El Tarter is the official headquarters of the annual Total Fight Masters championship, a competition that is being highly recognized internationally. Suitable for all levels, it has more than 20 jumps and a superpipe in its more than 1,400 meters of park.

Oslo Winter Park (Norway)

As for freestyle snowboarding, it is the most interesting snowpark in northern Europe. Its facilities have 30 rail modules, a one-hectometre halfpipe, more than four meters high and a 15-degree slope. Also with a Superpipe of more than seven meters high, 17 degrees of inclination and 160 meters in length. It is a somewhat expensive station but of the highest quality.

La Molina

The Alabaus Snowpark, at the La Molina station, is equipped with a 170 meter long superpipe, walls of more than five meters, railings and boxes. This park hosted the Snowboard World Championship in 2011 of the International Snowboard Federation.


Much simpler and easier, indicated for not so advanced and even inexperienced riders. Of course, it is perfect for training and exercising a little. It has a rail, a Big Air module of almost 10 meters and another of stairs. We love your Terrainpark!!


Direct competition with Grandvalira in the Andorran Pyrenees, the most interesting snowpark in this case is Arinsal. With more than 20 modules and seven jumps, it also has an area to practice freeride.

Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy)

Located in the Dolomites, its landscapes are impressive and fascinating. In the area there are more than 20 snowparks rich in modules to rock the board. You can see more in this video:


Like Formigal, it is a simple station, not very big. Indicated for those who are starting out in freestyle, it has a fixed halfpipe, with boxes, tubes and pyramid modules. You will also find yourself in Astún with good quality off-piste snow.