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Modern sports caps for free spirits and adventurers


We love quality sports accessories that reflect style and personality as much as you do!! For example, your sports cap defines who you are and the character you carry inside. Do you consider yourself an athlete with an adventurous spirit? Then you will undoubtedly find the ideal sports accessory for you at The Indian Face, especially if you are one of those who does not leave the house without wearing a sports cap. This kind of person understands style and health, but also understands fashion.

In The Indian Face you can find fashionable caps for men and women inspired by sports that identify us as a brand and as a philosophy of personal life. They have been created with the highest performance on the market to offer comfort to the modern athlete. With cotton front and mesh back. Adjustable Snapback closure to fit any head size. A classic inspired by the 80's and 90's. Our trucker caps are structured with a curved brim. They are perfect to accompany you on your trips with a unique style.

Sport caps and trucker caps have become symbolic of the sports they are associated with. They identify you as a person and how you live life, they are more than a complement, they are your identity as a person.


A trucker cap also known in English as a “gimme cap” or “feed cap” is a cap with a classic style but with a mesh on the back. The style of trucker caps was born in the 60's when in the USA.In the U.S., the drivers of the trucks that transported cattle, vegetables and others, began to use them as part of their work uniform and a key identifying element. In fact, they were his hallmark, the seal of authenticity of a professional carrier.

Today, trucker caps and sports caps have become a hallmark of fashion. This great sports accessory not only fulfills the function of protecting you from the sun but also gives you a touch of identity. To this day, there are few celebrities from the world of fashion and sports who have not appeared with a mesh cap in all kinds of environments, both in summer and winter. For example, and in case you were wondering, the caps The Indian Face® comply with the best quality standards and are recognized and distributed in more than 30 countries of the world for its unbeatable value for money.

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The best equipment for athletes goes from head to toe.And caps with a sport-casual style lead this and do it with great honor. And it is that, the need to practice sport is something that every day is spreading more and more in all countries and all cultures of the world. Playing sports stems from the need to feel better, to let off steam and free yourself from everyday problems, making sports a life partner for more and more people.

Multiple benefits, multiple benefits! Caps help us protect our face from the sun's rays, whether or not you are a person with moderately sensitive skin.It is highly recommended that you use a cap because of how harmful the sun can be for our eyes and the skin of our face, which in itself is more delicate than the rest of the body.By wearing caps, trucker caps or sports caps, you will prevent spots from appearing on your face, and your vision from being affected by the brightness of the sun, especially at peak hours.


  • Unisex size for men and women
  • Adjustable rear closure with "Snap-Back" system
  • 60% cotton / 40% polyester
  • Trucker Style
  • 5 Panels
  • Curved Visor

Do you consider yourself a lover of sports and adventure? The Indian Face® we were born to practice any sport that makes us feel more alive, in a better mood and above all, that brings us a little closer to nature to our lives.

If something is better than living, it is being able to live with emotion, passion and intensity. We have set out to style the best sports caps and trucker caps on the market, not only for quality, comfort and style, but because we have focused on genuinely evoking the adventurous spirit of sportsmen and women athletes from all over the world, leaving in each one of them a badge with the sport that they are most passionate about and that makes them feel truly free.

In The Indian Face®, in addition to sunglasses, sports glasses, ski goggles and other sports accessories, you will find a wide range of collections of sports caps and casual sport caps that meet the best standards of quality and are recognized and distributed in more than 30 countries around the world for their unbeatable value for money. Find out for yourself and wear the best sports caps!

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