Mountain Bike en Jamaica, un sorprendente video


Mountain Bike in Jamaica, an amazing video

Jamaica, a Caribbean island circumscribed in the Greater Antilles, with a population of almost three million inhabitants, 600 kilometers from Central America and 150 kilometers south of the island of Cuba, It is the birthplace of two great characters who will be part of history: Bob Marley in the musical field and Usain Bolt in the world of sports and athletics.

Jamaica is famous for its music, for the quality and flavor of its coffee, for its paradisiacal beaches, an enviable tourist destination, and for a few other things. But what is true and at the same time curious is that mountain biking is practiced more and more on the island. Competitions, tests and events around this sport are held throughout the year, large and small. And it is that in the land of reagge they really know how to have fun.

Watch this spectacular video in which you will see magnificent sequences and images of Mountain Biking through the mountains of Jamaica. Also, we liked the music of this short film a lot even though in the end it doesn't turn out to be entirely... Jamaican:

Speed, sport and nature, an impressive combination that is even better on the island of Jamaica.

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