Cómo evitar el Síndrome de Oficina


How to avoid Office Syndrome

The so-called office syndrome occurs after several hours sitting in front of a computer. It is possible that many people who are dedicated to writing, designing or editing adventure photographs -and other activities- do not pay attention to the time they spend in front of their computer.

Find out how this can affect your body, and how you can avoid it!


  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pains
  • Neck pain
  • Sedentary lifestyle and obesity
  • Heart conditions
  • Eye strain
  • Stomach ailments
  • Mental exhaustion
  • Muscle weakness
  • Pain in the hands and wrists
  • Weakened joints
  • Affected spine


Avoid aches and pains easily by including these small habits in your daily life!

*Remember that it is essential to maintain a comfortable position in which your back is completely straight.

Avoid looking down: The best thing to do is to raise the screen to the height of your face and keep your neck and back straight.

Relax your muscles and activate your circulation: Take breaks to do breathing exercises and muscle stretches to release some tension in your body and activate your circulatory system. You can do it from the chair in which you work, without having to get up.

  • Make slight movements of the neck, from one side to the other, and from front to back.
  • Move your shoulders in small circular motions back and forth.
  • Open and close your hands to stretch out your fingers. Also move the wrists in a circle, in and out.
  • Mobilize your legs and feet equally, raising them to perform up and down movements and slight circular movements.

Stay hydrated and well fed: don't forget to drink enough water, and avoid excessive caffeine consumption when you spend long hours in front of your computer. Take breaks to eat, instead of mindlessly eating at work.

Rest your eyes:

  • Take a moment to repeatedly blink your eyes.
  • He looks away from the computer periodically to take a break from the glare.
  • Exercise your eyes by looking at a point away from you in the room you are in, and then quickly focus on a point closer to you. Repeating this movement will considerably strengthen your eyesight.

Stretching: when you get up from the chair in your breaks or pauses, take advantage of moving your skeleton a little to release tension. You do not have to comply with a specific stretching routine, just stretch all the extremities of your body with basic movements.

Rest your mind: include entertainment and rest breaks in your routine, so you will not accumulate stress associated with work. You have to let your mind relax!

Stay active: Include in your schedule a physical exercise routine outside or inside the home. To avoid a sedentary lifestyle, and then maintain the resistance for your next adventure.

Follow these simple tips and don't let office syndrome prevent you from freely enjoying your next adventures!

Sindrome de la oficina