POLARIZED OR NON-POLARIZED?: The mystery of polarized sunglasses solved!

The debate of whether or not your sunglasses should have polarization has left many adventurers with tremendous doubts when buying the best pair of glasses on the market .

When we think about this topic we can't help but ask ourselves: Should I wear polarized sunglasses? What is the polarized effect? Is it worth investing in glasses with polarized lenses?

Careful adventurers, today we will reveal the mystery of polarized sunglasses! If you have doubts about this type of glasses, and you are considering acquiring it, then keep reading, and discover more about the advantages of wearing sunglasses with polarized glass.



Actually the polarized is not an effect that your glasses have. It is a technology designed to modify the glass based on the application of a chemical solar filter, with the aim of avoiding excessive brightness and reflections. This excess of light is very common to see in snowy areas, and with a lot of water such as lakes, ponds, large fountains and the sea, and also any horizontal surface such as long avenues and highways.

It's all in the design of your glass! Polarized glasses have an added filter whose chemical molecules are aligned in a particular and very specific way to ensure that light is blocked and prevents it from passing through the glass directly into the eye.

In addition, the polarized generates a kind of vertical slots for the passage of light, which can only pass minimally through them, because it is clear that the human eye requires light to be able to see. This is how they have maximum protection from the sun, especially from vertical light waves that are reflected.

It is for all these reasons that this “polarized effect” (as it is commonly known), helps to reflect annoying light in our eyes, which is especially useful when driving in the car when we go on excursions , or if you are enjoying outdoor activities, in the pool at the beach, in the or on a trip to the Sierra Nevada.

In addition, it is important to consider that annoying reflections from glasses that do not have polarization, especially flea market glasses, do not allow you to see the color contrast in objects well, and therefore your good Appreciation of the environment can be compromised if you don't wear polarized sunglasses. This also means that your vision will get tired and wear out less if you wear polarized sunglasses, so if you practice sports such as sport fishing, adventure cycling, trekking and others (in which you spend long periods of time with sunglasses) they will come in handy.



It is always recommended to wear sunglasses with polarization. Excessive brightness weakens the view, and prevents the correct vision of simple day-to-day objects that we have in front of us and that we should be able to see well.

Remember that not all models of sunglasses are polarized, and although it is true that it is a very up-to-date added value, and widely used today, you should pay close attention to whether they are worth what they cost. And it is that it is one of the best glasses you can choose!

Do not forget that polarized glasses are especially indicated when we are facing horizontal surfaces, which is where their effect will work best. But it is that in nature it is impossible not to find reflective horizontal surfaces, so it is a good idea to be prepared when we go on an adventure, because the polarized will come in handy.

In addition, they are especially indicated for women or men with photo sensitivity (especially sensitive to sunlight) because they combat its effects on day-to-day vision performance. They will also be great for boys and girls who suffer from photophobia or some other similar condition directly associated with excessive light.

Polarized sunglasses have proven to be one of the most useful accessories you can wear. Impossible to leave home and not go with sunglasses! Remember that protecting your eyes from the sun's rays is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle because it helps you take care of eye health and always be fashionable. Wearing glasses with polarized glass will be an excellent way to walk more protected, comfortable and safe from sunlight.



In principle, the quality of glasses with polarized lenses is very noticeable, because the difference with lenses without this factor is notably different; the polarization is almost like having a 3D effect because of the improvement in the details around us.

But if you really want to check that your sunglasses are polarized, you can see it indicated on their temples or on the lenses themselves, denoted with the letter “P” or it will read “Polarized, which means “Polarized” in English.

PolarizadoThe mystery of polarized is solved! Those who love summer and sunny days never leave home without their sunglasses. But it is possible that at some point they doubt what is the best pair to wear. Now you know the difference between regular sunglasses and ones with polarized lenses. And it is the best option if:

  • You drive for long hours or go on the highway
  • If you are in snowy areas or with water
  • If you practice adventure sports
  • If you love to see colors sharp and with higher contrast
  • If you hate annoying reflections
  • If you have an eye condition such as photo sensitivity.
  • And a long etc…

If you wear polarized sunglasses you can tell the difference! Remember to consult with the ophthalmologist regularly and always choose the best sunglasses.