Da un vuelco a tu rutina con las gafas de sol polarizadas Urban Spirit de The Indian Face


Change your routine with the Urban Spirit polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock… The return to routine is getting closer! You have to start thinking about changing the cream solar for the morning traffic jams and the mojitos on the beach for the coffee in the office break.

I'm sure you're not overly excited about this idea... Or at least for now. And it is that, now that you have your batteries well recharged, what better than to start thinking about the trends that are coming for the new season?

What a high! Going back to work, to the institute and to the university now becomes a designated moment to show off your latest acquisitions. And, among them, you cannot miss the Urban Spirit polarized sunglasses that we present to you today. An essential to combine with any garment!

gafas de sol polarizadas

Urban Spirit polarized sunglasses, the trendy touch for your daily look

Sunglasses aren't just for summer. Get serious when it comes to your eye health. For this reason, it is important that you protect your vision throughout the year with comfortable, versatile and functional sunglasses that enhance your personal style while protecting you from the dangers of UV radiation.

In addition, Urban Spirit polarized sunglasses are ideal for driving, for outdoor sports or for any outdoor activity you want to do. What more could you ask for?

gafas de sol polarizadas

The Urban Spirit polarized sunglasses by The Indian Face, the accessory for people who live life to the fullest

Do you know the best? The good news doesn't end here: this urban design is available in various colors of both frames and lenses. Whatever your tastes, surely there is an ideal model for you.

The Urban Spirit polarized sunglasses measure 47 millimeters tall at the lens and 140 millimeters wide at the front. In addition, the nasal opening is 18 mm for absolute comfort. And, with your order we will send you other replacement temples so that you can combine them as you wish. You're going to be addicted!

Make routine the way of life for a free spirit like you with the Urban Spirit polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face . Enter our online catalog and find your favorites. Get ready to turn every day into an adventure!

gafas de sol polarizadas