Gafas magnéticas para esquiar


Magnetic ski goggles

In the world of ski goggles we find three different types: the bad ones, the good ones and the ones you deserve.

Snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding are not a matter of play. These are extreme sports that require optimal preparation and conditions. And although we guarantee that fun and adrenaline are included, it is important that you include the best quality in the equipment you wear to practice it, including magnetic glasses that support you and protect to feel freer when skiing.

Gafas magnéticas para esquiar


The weather conditions in areas with snow can vary from one moment to another, it will be enough for a simple cloud to cover or uncover the sun to understand that suddenly the vision with your ski goggles can become more or less dark than what necessary.

Wearing ski goggles with interchangeable or removable magnetic lenses will allow you to do just that, easily exchange the lens when you need it most, adapting your vision to the sun and light with the appropriate lenses depending on their category.

In other blog posts we have talked a bit about the differences between the categories of glasses more ideal to wear when practicing outdoor sports. This theory not only applies to sunglasses, but also to your ski goggles.

That is why the freeriders themselves recommend using the most advanced optical technology that guarantees optimal definition and clarity above normal to find excellent color contrast.

Just imagine being able to detach and swap your magnetic glasses in a couple of seconds! It is highly recommended that you include this detail in your next purchase of ski goggles. Only then will you be able to occupy your mind on what is in front of you: the adventure.

Gafas magnéticas para esquiar


Choosing good ski goggles can be very easy to do if you are on the right track. If you want to meet what details to look for when buying ski goggles we recommend you visit this review that we have made for you on the subject.

However, here are the basic recommendations for choosing the best goggles for snow sports:

  • They must have UV-400 protection with 99% or 100% protection without exception, or you will damage your eyesight in the process.
  • Opt for magnetic sunglasses with interchangeable lenses so that you can choose the most ideal lens for each type of weather and light in a matter of seconds.
  • The ski goggles you wear should offer you excellent optical clarity, as well as spherical vision to identify different snowy terrain when snowboarding or skiing. This will allow you to have a clear view of the slopes and reliefs, and also less distortion and excellent peripheral vision.
  • Choose anti-fog glasses on stormy, blizzard and low visibility days. The magnetic goggles with a double layer with an anti-fog coating are the most recommended, with an internal ventilation system that will drain the heat from your ski goggles.
  • Opt for magnetic goggles light with good anti-slip straps so that it fits well on your head and helmet.
  • Ensure that your ski goggles are CE approved, and comply with European safety standards.

Remember! Wearing the right equipment when snowboarding and skiing is essential for you to have fun and feel the adrenaline to the fullest, and that includes wearing the magnetic goggles that are best for you. Go for it, and let nothing stop you!

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