Snowboard on the Block 2014


Snowboarding on the Block 2014

Snowboarding on the Block 2014

For those of you who don't know yet Snowboard on the Block is an event that combines all the adrenaline of snowboarding with the energy of music and the best videos of the year. Without a doubt, it is the biggest event of the season that was held last weekend in Denver, Colorado.

Snowboard on the Block is more than just a video contest, it's the community of professional athletes, industry veterans and enthusiasts. In addition to being able to view the best jumps in the world from last season, the festival hosted numerous musical performances, a photographic exhibition, discounts at specialized snowboard shops, activities and much more.

Here we show you the most outstanding films of the festival of the different participating categories:

Absinthe Films: Heavy Mental

In the mighty unspoiled peaks of Alaska, this spectacular video takes place with helicopters, deep snow and an eclectic soundtrack that will awaken the souls of all snowboarders.

The riders in the film are: Manuel Diaz, Rusty Ockenden, Ozzy Henning, Nils Arvidsson, Sylvain Bourbousson, Mathieu Crepel, Johnnie Paxson, Scot Brown, Mat Schär, Romain de Marchi, Blair Habenicht, Victor Daviet, Jason Robinson, Victor de Le Rue, Austin Sweetin, Wolfgang “Wolle” Nyvelt, and Bode Merrill.

The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreward

Snowboarder Magazine's first film was in 1999, directed by Jamie Mosberg, from then until now the shooting technique has changed a lot and now we can see spectacular images with an urban style that will leave everyone speechless the public.

The athletes who participated in the film are: Jaeger Bailey, Nils Mindnich, Ben Ferguson, Hans Mindnich, Paul Blake, Sam Taxwood, Garrett Warnick, Dillon Ojo, Dylan Alito and Spencer Schubert.

Under Dawgs: Video Mixtape

This video is characterized by giving each of the athletes the prominence they deserve with great mastery in editing. The difference with other films is that it is not similar to any format seen so far, it is completely its own.

In the hundreds of shots that belong to this film we can see these incredible raiders: Blake Geis, Brandon Sakiewicz, Gus Warbington, Jesse Gouveia, Dan "Vinny" Vinzant, Jordan Morse, Durell Williams, Corey Schneider, Gared Schneider, Sammy Spiteri, Michael Wick, Brady Lem and Max Tokunaga.

CAPITA: Defenders of Awesome 2 – STAY BADASS

What makes this movie so spectacular is the set of snowboarders and their riding style , each rider brings something new to the screen by pushing his own abilities to the limit. It's certainly what you'd expect from a snowboarding movie.

The intrepid riders participating are: Brendan Gerard, Scott Stevens, Dylan Gamache, Kazu Kokubo, Johnny O'Connor, Jess Kimura, Dan Brisse, Mike Rav, Phil Jacques, Cale Zima, Brandon Cocard and Dustin Craven.